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Current situation and difficulties of metal packaging industry (Part I)

classification of main products of metal packaging:

first, metal plate printing

according to incomplete statistics, by 2003, there were about 800 metal plate printing machines and more than 300 coating machines in China. Among them, imported and domestic iron printing machines account for half, while domestic paint machines account for a large proportion. Iron printing machines are mostly monochrome and two-color. Recently, Shanghai Baosteel Group Baoyin metal color coating Co., Ltd. introduced the first fully automatic and high-precision six color iron printing production line in Germany for the tensile strength and elongation of the main testing data, which will help to promote the improvement of domestic metal plate printing technology and equipment

two, two and three piece beverage cans

China's original 22 aluminum two-piece can companies are basically wholly foreign-owned or Sino foreign joint ventures, of which 6 have stopped production or have not started construction. Of the original 26 production lines, 7 have been shut down due to oversupply in the market, and 19 are currently in operation. The production capacity is about 11-12 billion, and the current market demand is only about 7 billion. Although there is great potential to be tapped, the further expansion of the aluminum two-piece can market also depends on the improvement of the localization of aluminum plates. At present, it basically relies on imported aluminum plates, which costs a lot of foreign exchange

at present, China has about 300 production lines of three piece beverage cans with tinplate as raw material (about 60% of them are imported from abroad), of which 40% of the high-speed production lines are 80 cans per minute. This technology is expected to enter the market in 2015, with 0-1200 cans, and the rest are medium and low-speed production lines, with an average of 400 cans per minute. The total annual production capacity is nearly 20billion cans. But at present, the actual consumption demand is only about 6billion cans. Blind introduction leads to serious oversupply. With the economic growth and the improvement of people's living standards, there is bound to be room for development of two-piece and three piece drink cans in the future. It is suggested that the relevant departments should carefully examine and approve it and not blindly introduce it. It is suggested that the idle equipment in the eastern region should be transferred to the West

III. aerosol cans

China's aerosol cans technology is widely used in the fields of sanitation, insecticides, chemicals, cosmetics and the vast rural areas, and has newly developed applications in the fields of food, air fresheners and medicine. The output of aerosol cans increased from 30million cans in the mid-1980s to 560million cans in 2002. Stimulated by SARS consumption, the demand increased sharply to 610million cans in 2003, making it the fastest-growing category of metal packaging. It is estimated that the demand will reach 800million cans in 2005, and there is still room for development of this product

IV. all kinds of bottle caps

metal bottle caps include aluminum easy pull caps, anti-theft caps, tinplate loose caps and crown caps. At present, China has more than 150 imported stamping production lines. Such as crown caps: the production capacity of different models of equipment is 110000, 140000 and 270000 per hour respectively. The annual production capacity of all kinds of bottle caps exceeds 75billion, and the actual market demand is about 50billion, with supply exceeding demand

in all kinds of bottle cap markets, the unscrewed cap of Wuxi Huapeng jiaduobao bottle cap Co., Ltd., the crown cap of Shanghai Ziquan Packaging Co., Ltd., the aluminum easy pull cap of Zhuhai Nanshan and Taicang Xingda, and the aluminum anti-theft cap of Shandong Lipeng. If you want to know more about the detailed information of the experimental machine, Yiwu and Changhong in Zhejiang Province and Fujian Zhangzhou Henglong packaging tinplate large opening can caps are representative, and most of these products are used in the food canning industry

v. miscellaneous cans

miscellaneous cans mainly refer to various special-shaped cans other than the standard cans used for solid food, stationery, medicine, toys, gifts, etc. The gift box of export packaging technology is the main export variety of metal cans in China. At present, the market demand is about 5billion. It is estimated that the output of miscellaneous cans in 2005 and 2010 will reach 6billion and 8billion respectively, and the enterprises producing miscellaneous cans can have profit space in the cracks of high-precision and top-level enterprises

VI. chemical barrels

chemical barrels mainly refer to small barrels less than 1-18 liters. It is mainly used as transit packaging for raw food, chemical coatings, paints, lubricants, etc. its output has increased vigorously in recent years, with an increase of 16.2% at the end of the ninth five year plan compared with the end of the eighth five year plan. It is expected that the output will increase by 58.2% at the end of the tenth five year plan, reaching 6.8 billion

VII. Empty cans

according to incomplete statistics, there are about 4billion tinplate cans used annually for cans, which have great development prospects under the continuous growth of exports and domestic sales

VIII. Steel drums

at present, the production capacity of 35-200 liter steel drums in China has reached 8. Therefore, the treatment of waste plastic particles will become a hot topic in the future, with more than 10 million, and the market demand is 60million. The emergence of 200 liter plastic barrels, tankers, and bulk shipping has intensified the competition in the steel barrel industry. Nevertheless, the output of large barrels increased by 17.75% at the end of the Ninth Five Year Plan period compared with the end of the Eighth Five Year Plan period. With the great development of the chemical and petroleum industries, it is expected that there will be a substantial growth momentum in the future

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