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Current situation and existing problems of cutting machines

1. Situation of cutting machines

there are more than 40 enterprises producing cutting machines nationwide, mostly private, individual and joint-stock enterprises. The statistics of welding and cutting machines and tools in 2000 are: 380 gantry cutting machines, 14650 trolley cutting machines, 10500 plasma cutting machines, 2.5 million sets of welding and cutting torches, and 1.89 million cutting nozzles

the development of CNC cutting industry in China is relatively late. There are more than a dozen CNC cutting machine manufacturers in the high-frequency region 2625 Hz where the failure energy is concentrated in China. The annual market demand is about, which basically meets the domestic market demand, and the imported products are less than 10% of the total market. At present, the domestic CNC cutting machine manufacturers mainly include Shanghai isa Cutting Machinery Co., Ltd. and Messer cutting and welding Co., Ltd. (Kunshan). They have received strong support from foreign technology in technology, so their products are in a leading position in China. The trapezoidal screw Harbin Sihai numerical control equipment Co., Ltd., Harbin Welding and cutting complete equipment Co., Ltd., Harbin electric machinery and electronic equipment manufacturing plant, China Shipbuilding Corporation Shipbuilding Process Research Institute, Shenzhen bolichang numerical control cutting equipment company, Wuxi Hualian welding and cutting equipment factory and other enterprises, taking advantage of their own advantages, have also developed rapidly in technology, and their products meet the needs of different users

the product development of China's cutting industry has broken the traditional boundary between welding and cutting. Its products have crossed the two industries of welding and cutting, and many enterprises produce welding and cutting equipment at the same time

problems in the cutting machine industry:

(1) disorderly competition in the market, manifested in mutual devaluation, mutual pressure on prices, and mutual poaching

(2) little or no investment in R & D

(3) there is little difference with foreign products in terms of machinery and control level, but the understanding of foreign control systems is not clear, only staying at the level of application

(4) there is no cooperation between enterprises, and they cannot jointly open up the market. For example, in the procurement of accessories, the concentration of enterprises will reduce costs

2. Welding auxiliary equipment and appliances

welding auxiliary equipment should be welding process equipment, which covers a wide range, including groove processing equipment, welding assembly fixtures with little heat released during combustion, welding positioners, welding operators, post-processing equipment of weldments, special complete sets of welding equipment, robot workstations, welding production lines, etc. There are 24 welding equipment manufacturing enterprises in China, with an annual output of 20 cupping tester. The technical principle of the tester is more than 10 million yuan. Some enterprises have developed rapidly and have a large scale, and some welding equipment has achieved mass production. For example, Wuxi Yangtong mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. had a total sales volume of 120million in 2001

at present, China has been able to produce 8M × 10m heavy-duty column beam type operator, the maximum tonnage of heavy-duty welding roller carrier is 400t. The automatic anti channeling roller frame has been successfully developed and put into operation for many years, and the anti channeling accuracy is ± 1.5mm. The welding positioner has been produced in series with a maximum bearing capacity of 100t

the production of domestic welding accessories has formed a certain scale, and the product quality has approached the international level. There are 34 professional production enterprises that produce wire feeders, various welding guns and accessories of various gun bodies, electric welding tongs, electric nozzles, pressure reducers, flow meters, electric welding masks, welding rod and flux drying equipment, ceramic nozzles and other products, with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan. Among them, Guangzhou abitec Welding Technology Co., Ltd. has formed a group company with a number of domestic welding gun accessory manufacturers, with a large production scale. In 2001, the total output of welding gun has reached 90million yuan

the existing problems are:

(1) the development of new products is small, there are few varieties, and most of them are imitations of each other

(2) some similar products with low technical content are in low-level and low price competition, which makes the enterprise fall into a situation of extremely low profits and is difficult to develop itself

(3) few enterprises have strong comprehensive strength and can play an active role in industry self-discipline to promote industry development

(4) the overall coordination ability of the industry is poor

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