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The current situation and development trend of paper packaging container manufacturing equipment

pollution-free and pollution-free "green packaging" has attracted worldwide attention. Paper packaging containers, which can not only meet the requirements of ventilation, moisture-proof, earthquake resistance, compression resistance and other requirements, but also facilitate recycling and do not cause environmental pollution, undoubtedly have broad development prospects. The development of paper packaging containers depends on the development of national economy and the progress of science and technology. In a sense, it is reflected in the level of its technical equipment. Paper packaging containers include cartons, cartons, paper cups, paper trays, paper tubes, paper barrels, pulp molded products, etc. An overview of the current situation and future of corrugated boxes, color cartons and other major paper products production equipment is of great significance for formulating the development strategy of China's paper packaging products manufacturing equipment and making the industry bigger and stronger. Current situation of paper packaging container manufacturing equipment overview of corrugated box manufacturing equipment corrugated board production originated in the United States, and automatic corrugated board production lines began to appear in the 1940s., In 1968, Langston company launched a modern carton production line with a width of 2.2 and a speed of 212m/min. at the same time, it launched various types of equipment for molding, die cutting, folding and gluing, thus starting a great leap in new technology in the field of carton machinery. After entering the 1990s, the carton (box) industry has stepped into a stage where computers and high-tech technologies are more widely used. Microprocessor and microelectronic digital technology are not only used in the executive functions of the electrical control devices and mechanisms of carton (box) machinery, but also widely used in the control and regulation of the whole production process. At present, the width of corrugated board production lines abroad has reached 3.3m, and the speed is developing at the level of M/min. In 1994, the Netherlands began to produce light corrugated boxes with a weight of only 90g/m2 for corrugated base paper with higher requirements for equipment with greater processing difficulties. China's corrugated box equipment is gradually shrinking from the advanced level of the century by taking the road of introduction, absorption and development. At present, there is still a certain distance between the equipment and similar equipment in developed countries in terms of its operability, flexibility (i.e. changing specifications without stopping the machine, adapting to multiple varieties and small batches) and speed and width indicators. Carton manufacturing equipment overview cardboard color cartons are a kind of widely used sales packaging containers. Its manufacturing process is relatively complex, and it needs to go through such processing procedures as fixed width paper cutting, decoration printing, glazing and calendering, die cutting and indentation, folding and pasting boxes. In the past, all processes were mainly single machine production with single function, and some were supplemented by manual operation. The production efficiency was low, the labor intensity was high, and the quality of cartons was not high. With the application of CAD/CAM, numerical control, laser and other high-tech in the carton industry, the mechanization and automation level of carton has been greatly improved. For example, the emergence of high-speed full-automatic flat pressing die-cutting machine has increased the working efficiency by nearly 10 times compared with the card box machine that needed manual operation in the past; The successful development of automatic folding and pasting machine has ended the history of manual pasting of commonly used cartons. The use of cam equipment such as automatic cutting machine, automatic bending machine, carton proofing machine, CNC laser graphic cutting machine, etc. can be described as a technological revolution in the production of box die-cutting board. Due to the wide variety and complex structure of cartons, and the wide range of processing technology and subject knowledge involved, it is very difficult to realize the generalization, standardization and serialization of manufacturing equipment. Because the foundation of China's carton industry is weak, there is also a big gap between its manufacturing equipment and the international advanced level. Therefore, there is a lot of room for the development of carton machinery in China, and the task of further developing carton manufacturing equipment with advanced performance is very heavy. Overview of honeycomb paperboard and carton production equipment honeycomb paperboard was just introduced in the 1960s. With its lightweight and reasonable bionic structure, high compressive strength of all kinds and good cushioning, vibration isolation, heat preservation, sound insulation and other properties, honeycomb paperboard has been favored by the construction, vehicle and ship manufacturing and other industries. It also shows incomparable advantages and good development prospects in many aspects of the packaging industry. The structure of honeycomb paperboard is composed of two layers of panels, honeycomb paper core and adhesive. At present, the honeycomb paper core is mainly manufactured by stretch molding. China only started the development of honeycomb paperboard cartoning equipment in the late 1980s. The research and development work is carried out on the basis of digesting and absorbing the honeycomb paperboard production lines imported from South Korea, Britain and the Netherlands. 4. Ratchet wrench has achieved a series of gratifying results. At present, the honeycomb paperboard production line produced in China has basically reached the advanced level of foreign countries in the 1990s. The main technical parameters of honeycomb paper core and paperboard production equipment at home and abroad are basically similar. The height of honeycomb paper core and the thickness of honeycomb paperboard vary with user requirements, and the speed of paper core can reach 20-50m/min. However, the maximum speed of plate making abroad can reach 30m/min, while in China, because the core making and plate making equipment are connected into a production line, the speed of plate making is only 5-8m/min. In addition, there is still a certain gap between the domestic honeycomb paperboard production line and the advanced equipment, which is mainly manifested in: 1) there are few varieties of production equipment; 2) The low degree of automation makes it difficult to achieve the standardization and serialization of honeycomb products; 3) The processing accuracy of the equipment is not high; 4) The supporting equipment for the molding and processing of honeycomb paperboard products is basically blank. Accelerating the development of supporting equipment has become a top priority. Overview of pulp mold production equipment the pulp mold industry has a development history of more than 80 years. At present, a batch of cutting-edge new materials have been deployed in advance in developed countries such as Britain, Iceland and Canada, with a large scale and mature technology. China introduced a rotary drum pulp molding production line from the French El company in 1984, and the first pulp molding production line independently developed in China came out in 1988. China's pulp molding industry grew from scratch and ended the history of relying on imports of pulp molding equipment. However, before 1993, the products were single and low-grade, mainly consisting of trays of eggs, fruits and beer. With the increase of export trade and the restriction of export products requiring environmental protection packaging, the pulp molding industry has made a new leap in China since 1995. By the late 1990s, it began to move towards scale and industrialization. At present, domestic pulp molding equipment can not only be supplied domestically, but also have production lines exported abroad. The main production equipment of pulp molded products include: hydraulic pulper, mixing tank, molding machine, dryer, hot press, edge cutter, etc. Pulp molding machine is one of the main equipment for the production of pulp molding products. There are several types according to the molding method. Among them, the rotary molding machine has the highest efficiency and is suitable for the production of large-scale and shallow shaped special products such as fruit holders, egg holders and bottle holders; The injection molding machine is mainly used to produce pulp molded products with simple shape and light weight, such as fast tableware and trumpet paper basin; Die casting machine is mainly used to produce pulp molded products with large bearing capacity and positioning function; Reciprocating and rotary molding machines are the main models for the production of pulp molded cushioning and shockproof packaging products at present. 95% of molding machines in China are reciprocating molding machines, which have low production efficiency, high energy consumption and poor adaptability of raw materials. There is an urgent need for rotary molding machines to solve the defects of reciprocating molding machines. The rotary molding machine was introduced into China in the mid-1990s, and has been rapidly developed and improved. With the continuous progress of domestic reverse molding machine technology, it increasingly shows its superiority and progressiveness. So far, the pulp mold equipment produced in China can adopt advanced air control technology, PLG human-machine interface and other technologies, and can adopt unique design to meet the requirements of pulp molding process, so as to meet the needs of producing different types of products. Under the condition of ensuring the molding effect and product quality, it can not only produce the same product in large quantities, but also produce multiple products at the same time; It can also flexibly determine the number of equipment according to the scale of the product; Realize full automatic control. After more than ten years of efforts, although the level of pulp molding equipment in China has made considerable progress, there are still many deficiencies, mainly manifested in: 1) backward mold manufacturing methods, low efficiency and high cost, resulting in low product processing quality; 2) 95% of the molding machines in China are reciprocating, with a very low profile of three position finalization, low overall level of automation and low production efficiency. The hot press in the equipment also adopts electric heating within a certain range, which consumes huge energy; 3) Small parts suitable for paper and plastic are mainly imported; 4) Domestic pulp model molding has not been standardized. 2. Development trend of production equipment for paper packaging products. The paper packaging container manufacturing equipment is an auxiliary packaging machinery. From the manufacturing equipment of several main paper containers listed above, although the production processes of paper containers are completely different, the history and background of the development of their manufacturing equipment are also different, and the degree of advancement and the gap between home and abroad are also different, But their development trend has the following characteristics: 1) production equipment will develop in the direction of high speed, high efficiency, multi-function and high automation. With the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous progress of human society, the trend of diversification of paper packaging containers is irreversible, and the market competition will further intensify. The manufacturing equipment of paper packaging containers will develop in the direction of multi-function and high speed. In order to improve the productivity of equipment and enterprise benefits, the single machine with low productivity is bound to be replaced by the production line, and those low-grade production lines will also accelerate the upgrading and upgrading to the direction of high-speed, high efficiency, low consumption, closed, pollution-free and highly automated. In order to meet the needs of multiple varieties and small batches of products, the equipment can be designed into modular, with functions that can be added or reduced, and can be converted into new models in a short time, thus increasing the flexibility and flexibility of the equipment. 2) The production of equipment parts will develop towards generalization, serialization, standardization and specialization. In order to ensure the high quality of paper packaging container manufacturing equipment, the production of its parts must realize generalization, serialization and standardization. In the packaging machinery produced in some developed countries, general parts and standard parts account for 70% of the parts of the whole machine, and some are as high as 90%, which is far higher than the level of our country. The production specialization of mechanical parts is an important means to improve product quality and reduce costs, and it is also the only way to develop the production equipment of paper packaging containers. In terms of equipment, many parts will be produced by general standard parts factories and highly specialized manufacturers at a cost of only about 1000 yuan/cubic meter. Some control components and structural components are the same as general equipment and can be borrowed. This is very beneficial to the maintenance of production equipment, shortening the renewal cycle of equipment and improving its reliability. 3) the wide application of high and new technology has made the manufacturing equipment of paper packaging containers more advanced and more reliable. There is a certain gap between the performance of China's paper packaging container manufacturing equipment and the advanced level of similar foreign equipment, which is mainly reflected in the technical content of the equipment. Paying attention to the application of high and new technology has become the main way to improve the progressiveness and reliability of equipment. In the future, when developing paper packaging container manufacturing equipment, CAD, CAE, limited analysis, optimization design

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