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The current situation and future development of China's video surveillance display equipment market

products in the field of large screen splicing display have developed steadily in the past year, and manufacturers have also actively developed and expanded the market, providing good services for market demand selection. These manufacturers, including projection splicing display manufacturers, flat panel copper tensile machine manufacturers, splicing fusion device R & D manufacturers, have jointly promoted the good development of the large screen splicing market. In terms of products, under the intense situation of the splicing market, manufacturers have upgraded their products and continued to innovate. Both the seam spacing and size have been improved, and the signal processing capacity has also been continuously improved

1. More diversified display modes

in terms of light sources, the new light source LED has become the mainstream of display, while the main application fields of splicing and rear projection box are concentrated in the top-level high-end control room, command center, monitoring, dispatching room and other upstream users, which have high requirements for the stability and consistency of products. In this regard, manufacturers of splicing products are more focused on improving the performance and stability of high-end products. There is also a rapid development in LCD splicing. Because LCD products are cheaper than splicing products of other light sources, they are mainly concentrated in the field of middle and low-end users. The improvement of brightness and size has become the competitive point of LCD splicing manufacturers, and the seam spacing has become narrower and narrower, which has been reduced to less than 3.9mm. In addition, in terms of installation, manufacturers also focus on improving the ease of installation and performance stability of products

2. The distributed control concept is favored

the distributed control management of the splicing system can realize exhibition, educational simulation and other investment in the shore hardness tester of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. This hardness tester (rubber hardness tester) is widely used in the centralized and coordinated management of distributed video and audio and environmental equipment in the hardness measurement shadow display system of rubber and plastic, which can be integrated with the decorative layout of the whole environment. Users can customize the key state independently through visual programming software according to the actual engineering needs, so as to realize the control of one or more devices through separate key actions. Such as the switch of the equipment, the control of the combined light, the adjustment of the light brightness, etc., the operation is simple and convenient. With the support of equipment manufacturers, more and more manufacturers have introduced more flexible and easier to manage solutions through ops and processors

3. The signal processing ability is gradually strengthened

the quality of today's video sources has become higher and higher, and high-definition film sources and even ultra-high definition signal sources have been widely used. At present, many video sources in the market have reached 4K ultra-high definition resolution 2.1 sample preparation, and 4K is also the general trend in the future, which requires products to have strong signal processing ability. Many manufacturers have increased the pressure of transmission bandwidth. They will process products with higher signal sources, take higher definition image quality as the competitive selling point, actively develop and expand the market, and provide good services for market demand selection. At the same time, for users, the pursuit and desire for high-definition image quality and ultra stable image expressiveness are becoming more and more obvious, which are the driving force for manufacturers to promote high-definition signal processing products

HD monitoring escorts safe city

4. There is a strong demand for monitoring in the field of public safety

the income of the urban monitoring market (safe city, safe transportation, safe community, safe campus, etc.) increased rapidly in 2013. Urban monitoring is one of the most eye-catching application video monitoring equipment. High definition video images are used as evidence in the investigation of public security damage cases, and more and more institutions broadcast these surveillance images. On the other hand, the demand for video surveillance products in the public utilities and energy industries continues to grow. The facilities of these departments are often large and mostly remote, so the allocation of guard personnel becomes a problem. Not only traditional energy projects face these difficulties, but also the construction of new renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy

II. The demand status and characteristics of China's video monitoring and display equipment market in recent years

1. The cumulative growth of the market scale of LCD splicing large screens

from the perspective of product types, the terminal display equipment of video monitoring can be divided into two categories: single screen monitors and large screen splicing screens. At present, the large screen splicing screen technically includes DLP rear projection splicing, LCD splicing and PDP splicing. LCD splicing is a rapidly growing emerging market in recent years. Because its products have the advantages of small footprint, clear image quality, small seams and low price, they have been widely used in video monitoring projects in many industries such as government, public security, transportation, energy, radio and television, and gradually become the mainstream display equipment of video monitoring systems

2. The penetration rate of LED backlight continues to improve, and CCFL products are gradually replaced.

with the increasingly mature development of LED technology, LED backlight has become the mainstream technology of LCD products, gradually replacing the original CCFL backlight products, and the same is true in the field of LCD splicing. The backlight technology of LCD splicing screen is mainly determined by the upstream panel manufacturer. At present, Samsung, the core splicing panel manufacturer, has begun mass production of 46 inch LED high brightness did splicing panels. Its price is close to that of CCFL backlight splicing panels with the same size and brightness, and its performance is more excellent. Global market research institutions also detected the angular displacement signal and sent it to the accounting machine for data processing. Trendforce said that the ledtv penetration rate in 2013 was driven to 95% by Chinese TV factories, and it is expected to replace CCFL in 2014

3. Traditional DLP large screen manufacturers continue to make efforts in the LCD splicing market, and the market share has increased rapidly. The continuous high growth of the LCD splicing market has attracted the entry of many traditional DLP large screen manufacturers. Traditional DLP large screen enterprises have certain competitive advantages in system solutions, industry channels, etc. In the past two years, some large screen enterprises have begun to reflect their advantages in the LCD splicing market and achieved good sales performance. However, DLP splicing enterprises still stick to the core business of DLP. On the one hand, it is to continue to give play to the technical advantages in the high-end command and dispatching market. On the other hand, for the sake of profitability, DLP products have higher gross profit space than LCD splicing

4. Splicing screen is developing towards large size

baoqianli LCD splicing large screen

in recent years, the size of splicing units has become larger and larger, and large-size LCD splicing walls have been more and more applied in various fields. Coupled with the application of various image processing technologies, this makes the large screen LCD splicing show a stronger overall sense of the picture; At the same time, large-size splicing units reduce the frequency of splicing in the picture, such as 40 inch 22 splicing. The splicing is obvious. An 80 inch large screen display is equivalent to a 40 inch 22 splicing display. Large size not only has higher brightness and color uniformity, but also has a stronger overall sense. At the same time, due to the large size, the audience will be more relaxed and have a broader perspective when viewing the display screen

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