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Why are plastic bags rarely recycled? " Zhai Guangjing believes that a new method to save energy in preparing pulp from waste paper

at present, the energy cost of pulp and paper mills worldwide has continued to rise, and energy conservation has attracted the attention of most factories. The new workshop that uses recycled waste paper to prepare pulp needs new technology and equipment. The scientific and technological personnel of Voith Paper Company in Brazil have developed a new method of eco treatment of waste paper. For the workshop producing 800 t/d deinked waste paper pulp, the plant area is reduced by 15%, the investment cost is reduced by 9%~10%, and the specific energy consumption is reduced by about 10%. The unfair data will be greatly reduced, equivalent to saving 44 kW h/t pulp

modern waste paper deinking and pulping workshop adopts eco treatment method, and uses drum pulping instead of traditional intermittent pulping, which can combine the optimization of dissociated fiber with efficient purification, with low energy consumption; Using eco mizer purifier to purify the slurry before flotation and operate at a higher slurry concentration (2%), the space required is small and the energy consumption is low; Using the mixing pump instead of the intermediate regulating box and storage tank can significantly improve the operational stability and achieve the effect of energy saving. The retention time of slurry is short, saving equipment and site; When fine screening is carried out at a higher slurry concentration (1.1%), less equipment and pumps are used, and the common 2 isocyanates can reduce energy consumption and equipment floor area. This method has obvious energy-saving effect

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