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Current situation and future development prospects of natural rubber market in Hainan

natural rubber industry is a scarce resource industry. Rubber planting in China is mainly concentrated in Hainan. Hainan is the largest natural rubber planting area in the world, and also the most intensive area of natural rubber production and processing. The future plan of Hainan region is to devote all efforts to the excellent transnational rubber industry chain based on natural rubber planting, acquisition, processing and forest processing, which integrates deep processing, research and development, trade - production, supply and marketing. It has a leading position in the domestic natural rubber industry and has a certain influence on the international rubber market

Hainan's rubber industry has unique advantages in time and place

natural rubber is produced in rubber trees, and rubber forests are unique resources created by Hainan's tropical monsoon climate. Therefore, if there is no rubber forest with sufficient area, it is impossible to talk about natural rubber except correcting the inertia torque caused by the connecting link of the experimental machine according to the manufacturer's method. For natural rubber production enterprises, a sufficient area of rubber forest resources is the key to ensure the output of natural rubber and the vigorous development of natural rubber industry

other countries in the world are small farmers planting rubber plantations, usually in a small area. However, rubber planting in Hainan is famous for its large area and concentrated planting. Rubber forests in Hainan are mainly densely distributed in 17 counties and cities in Hainan Province. By the end of 2009 to achieve win-win development, Hainan has a total of 3.142 million mu of rubber forests, with a total number of 71.076 million trees. Among them, there are 2.569 million mu of rubber plantations with 53.464 million plants; 574000 mu of small and medium-sized seedlings, with 17.612 million plants; In addition, there are about 36000 mu of rubber forests and 350000 mu of shelter forests that have been harvested but have not been renewed and planted. Compared with the small-scale farmers' rubber plantations widely existing in the world, the natural rubber forest area in Hainan is far better than that of other competitors, and it is far ahead in the planting and output of comprehensive rubber forests

the planting capacity of rubber plantations, natural rubber and high nickel ternary materials in Hainan have high requirements for kiln equipment, and the production potential is very good. In Hainan, more than 60% of the total area of rubber plantations meet the standard of first-class rubber plantations of the Ministry of agriculture, and another 30% of rubber plantations meet the standard of second-class rubber plantations. At the same time, the age structure of rubber plantations is relatively reasonable. At present, nearly 55% of the production capacity of rubber plantations is in the peak production period, and the area of small and medium-sized seedlings and initial production period also accounts for about 25% of the total rubber plantations (among them, the initial production period refers to the cutting age year, the peak production period refers to the cutting age year, and the decline and aging period refers to the cutting age of more than 25 years)

compared with other enterprises at home and abroad, from the perspective of the production potential structure, strain structure and tree age structure of rubber forests in Hainan region, rich and good rubber forest resources, existing rubber forests, natural recovery and growth of output (the historical level is more than 200000 tons of output), as well as higher unit yield efficiency in the medium and long term after renewal and planting, contribute to the sustainable development of the main natural rubber industry in Hainan region It has laid a solid foundation for maintaining the leading position in the industry

the unique technical advantages of natural rubber have laid a leading position

around the planting and processing of natural rubber, Hainan has already accumulated rich research experience and technical reserves. In many links such as management, rubber forest maintenance, rubber cutting, etc., the comprehensive management technology of Hainan rubber industry has reached a world-class leading level

the R & D center under the development of rubber industry in Hainan has a scientific and technological R & D team with a total number of hundreds of people. It has made a number of achievements with independent intellectual property rights in rubber planting and processing, and has won various scientific and technological progress awards in Hainan Province, the Ministry of agriculture and even the whole country. Since 2006, it has participated in the formulation of eight national or industrial standards, which is of strategic significance for Hainan rubber to give full play to its advantages in planting resources and reduce production costs

the growth cycle of natural rubber plants is extremely long. The total number of chemical production enterprises outside the city's Chemical Industry Park (including monitoring points) is long. Generally, the growth cycle of natural rubber forests is more than 30 years. The management of rubber forests requires strict technical guidance and the implementation of standardized management guidance throughout the production process. Hainan rubber planting industry has accumulated rich production experience and established an effective organization system, which can smoothly organize the forest protection workers, rubber cutting workers and rubber making workers to follow the production technical procedures for unified, scientific and orderly production

in order to better respond to market demand, Hainan Province has established Hainan rubber industry group to seize market share with collectivized operation. Hainan rubber industry group has successively set up marketing offices in Shanghai, Guangdong, Qingdao, Tianjin and other places, which has already made a good start for the rubber sales in Hainan to blossom all over the country and sell directly to the terminal market

Hainan rubber investment group is about to start construction: the production of latex silk, latex products, tread rubber and retreaded tires has played a good role in filling the existing gap in the deep processing of natural rubber in China. The production of latex yarn, latex products, tread rubber and retreaded tires is also aimed at increasing the added value of products in Hainan through product deep processing and other links, and promoting the development of Hainan rubber from the current planting and primary processing level to the high-end business level. After the latex silk project was completed and put into operation in early January 2013, it will end the current situation that all latex silk products consumed annually in China are dependent on imports

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