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The current situation and overall trend of pump technology development in the world

like the development of other industries, the technological development of pumps is driven by market demand. Today, history has entered the 21st century. Under the background of the huge demand generated by the high-tech development in environmental protection, electronics and other fields and the world's sustainable development, for many industries including the pump industry, the technological development of pumps, like the development of other industries, is driven by market demand. Today, history has entered the 21st century. Under the background of the huge demand generated by the high-tech development in environmental protection, electronics and other fields and the world's sustainable development, people have brought rapid technological changes and development to many industries or fields, including the pump industry. In recent years, the technical development trend of pumps mainly includes the following points: 1 Diversification of products the vitality of products lies in the market demand. Today's market demand is to have their own characteristics, so different; It is this that has created the diversification trend of pump products. Its diversity is mainly reflected in the diversity of pump delivery media, the difference of product structure and the difference of operation requirements. From the perspective of the diversity of transmission media, the transmission object of the earliest pump was a single water and other flowing liquids, gases or slurries. Now it can transport solid-liquid mixtures, gas-liquid mixtures, solid-liquid gas mixtures, and even live objects such as potatoes, fish, and so on. Different conveying objects have different requirements for the internal structure of the pump. In addition to the different requirements of the transmission object for the pump structure, new requirements are put forward for the internal or external structure of the pump in terms of the pump installation form, pipeline layout form, maintenance and repair, etc. At the same time, various manufacturers have added their own enterprise concepts to the structural design, which has further improved the diversification of the pump structure. Based on the overall background of sustainable development and environmental protection, the operating environment of the pump puts forward many requirements for the design of the pump, such as reducing leakage, reducing noise and vibration, increasing reliability, prolonging service life, etc., which all put forward different emphases or several emphases that need to be considered in parallel, and will inevitably form a diversified form of the pump. 2. The organic combination of pump design level improvement and manufacturing technology optimization has entered the information age. Pump designers have already used computer technology to carry out product development and design (such as the use of CAD), which greatly improves the speed of design itself and shortens the cycle of product design. In the production-oriented manufacturing, the manufacturing technology represented by numerical control technology cam has gone deep into the production of pumps. However, from the current domestic situation, CNC cam technology is mainly used in the production of batch products. For the production of single piece or small batch, CAM technology has not been widely implemented in the pump industry at present, and the production of single piece and small batch is still dominated by traditional production equipment. As the market requires manufacturers to shorten the delivery time as much as possible, especially for special products (products produced according to user requirements), pump manufacturers are inevitably required to accelerate the use of CAM technology, and even computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS), flexible manufacturing (FMC and FMS) to coordinate and deal with all links from design to manufacturing, mold, part processing, etc., so as to ensure that once the design is completed, The processing of product parts also tends to be completed at the same time to ensure that the production cycle of products is shortened. At the same time, in addition to using computer graphics, the strength analysis, reliability prediction and three-dimensional design of products will also be realized on the carrier of computer, and the process problems, local structure problems and assembly problems that originally need to be found and solved in production will be put forward to prevent before production, so as to shorten the trial production period of products. 3. Standardization and modularization of products while the products are diversified, the total amount of pumps as general-purpose products is still huge. In the market, in addition to technical competition, the price competition of products, especially the price competition of general products, is an inevitable trend. Under the trend of product diversification, it is necessary to realize the competitive advantage of product price, improve the standardization degree of product parts, and realize the modularization of product parts. After many parts are modularized, the product diversification can be realized through the combination of different modules or changing the characteristics of individual parts. At the same time, only when the degree of standardization of parts is improved can it be possible to produce parts on a large scale based on product diversification, so as to reduce the production cost of products and form the price competitive advantage of products, and further shorten the delivery cycle of products on the basis of product diversification. 4. Improvement of pump internal characteristics and pursuit of external characteristics the so-called pump internal characteristics refer to the inherent characteristics of products, including product performance, parts quality, complete machine assembly quality, appearance quality, etc., or referred to as quality for short. At this point, many pump manufacturers are concerned about and strive to improve. In fact, we can find that many products fail to achieve the effect of factory inspection after they are delivered to the user unit for operation after factory inspection, such as overload, increased noise, unsatisfactory use or reduced service life; The operating point or operating characteristics of the pump in practice are called the external characteristics or system characteristics of the pump. Technicians often spend a lot of time in product design to improve the efficiency of a product by 1%; If the pump operation deviates from the design efficiency point, the actual operation efficiency will be reduced by more than 1%. Now, the pump manufacturers also provide users with control equipment including frequency conversion and complete equipment according to JEC, which has actually been involved in the pursuit of the external characteristics of the pump. On this basis, paying more attention to the centralized control system of the pump and improving the operation efficiency of the whole pump and pump station is a higher level in the pursuit of the external characteristics of the pump. Or other liquid media, manual control or computer control, high or low temperature of experimental media, domestic configuration or imported configuration, etc. from the perspective of sales, promoting products is to promote the internal characteristics of pumps; The concern about the external characteristics of the pump is that the manufacturer is not only promoting products, but also promoting pump stations (complete projects). From the perspective of use, a good product must be suitable for the operating environment rather than the product judged by factory inspection. 5. The further development of Mechatronics is just like the development of science and technology. At this stage, interdisciplinary and marginal disciplines in the field of science and technology are becoming more and more abundant. Interdisciplinary joint research is very common, as is the technological development of pump products. Take the shielded pump as an example. To eliminate the shaft seal problem of the pump, we must start with the motor structure, and there is no way to achieve it only limited to the pump itself; To solve the problem of pump noise, in addition to solving the flow pattern and vibration of the pump, it is also necessary to solve the noise of motor blades and electromagnetic field; To improve the reliability of submersible pump, measures such as leakage protection and overload protection must be added to the submersible motor; To improve the operating efficiency of the pump, we must rely on the use of control technology and so on. All of these indicate that in order to develop the pump technology level, we must start from the supporting motor, control technology and other aspects at the same time, comprehensively consider, and maximize the comprehensive level of electromechanical integration. Third party product certification is one of the important links. 6 The accelerated use of new materials and new processes in the past decade, the use of new materials and new processes has been a major factor in promoting the development of pump technology. Pump materials from Jisa 1515:1998 test method for wind pressure resistance of doors and windows to special metal alloys, from rubber products, ceramics and other typical non-metallic materials to engineering plastics, have played a prominent role in solving the environment of corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance of pumps. At the same time, the application of new technology will better enable new materials to be applied to the parts of the pump and the whole pump. For example, some foreign manufacturers have designed and launched pumps made entirely of engineering plastics. Compared with the pump made of general metal materials, it is not inferior in strength and better in corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Another example is the use of new surface coating technology and surface treatment technology, which can also solve the corrosion and wear problems of pumps. The further development of new materials and the in-depth application of new processes will be more widely used in the field of pumps

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