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The current situation and future of printing blanket production in China

printing blanket is a general term for offset printing blanket, banknote printing blanket, iron printing blanket and all kinds of printing blanket. It is the medium for transmitting graphic information in the printing process. It is an important and easily worn accessory of the printing machine. Its performance directly affects the operation of the printing machine and the quality of printed products. Among many printing blanket, offset blanket is the one with the widest range of use and the largest consumption

overall situation: printing blanket ushered in new opportunities

China's first printing blanket was successfully developed by Shanghai printing equipment factory in the mid-1960s. At that time, it was named 10-3 blanket and was put into mass production. After the product is put on the market, it has been recognized by the industry and gradually promoted in China. After continuous improvement of quality and expansion of output, the market share has also gradually increased. Since the reform and opening up, with the sustained high-speed and stable growth of China's national economy and the rapid development of the publishing and printing industry, China's printing blanket manufacturing industry has made considerable progress

The year 2004 is the third year after China's entry into WTO, and it is also the fourth year of the implementation of the tenth five year plan. With the continuous progress of building a well-off society in an all-round way, China's economy has shown a new growth trend in an all-round way. The publishing and printing industry market and its related printing material manufacturing market, especially the printing blanket market, a consumable part of the printing machine, have ushered in new development opportunities, China's printing blanket production and sales once again create brilliant

the survey data of the printing equipment branch of China printing and Equipment Industry Association (contained in "printing industry trends") shows that the total production of printing blanket in China in 2004 was 1.04 million square meters, an increase of 19.54% year-on-year; There was no overstock in inventory, and the sales revenue was 275 million yuan, an increase of 25.00% year-on-year; The average sales unit price was 264.42 yuan/square meter, a year-on-year increase of 7.56%, an increase of 18.58 yuan/square meter over the previous year. Among them, the export sales were 224000 square meters, with a year-on-year increase of 56.64%, accounting for 21.54% of the total sales of printed rubber blanket in China that year. The export earned foreign exchange of US $06.2 million, with a year-on-year increase of 8.77%. The average export unit price was US $27.45/square meter, a decrease of US $12.27/square meter compared with the previous year. In China's total production of printing blanket in 2004, air cushion blanket was 617000 square meters, accounting for 59.13%, with a year-on-year increase of 47.62%

compared with foreign countries: there is a big gap

in today's international printing industry, air cushion blanket is widely welcomed by the industry because of its high scientific and technological content, good printing adaptability and good printing effect. In particular, modern high-speed Web wheel printing machines, high-speed sheet fed multi-color printing machines, etc., have a more urgent demand for air cushion blanket. Today, air cushion blanket has become the mainstream of modern printing blanket. According to the analysis of statistical data by relevant experts, at present, the demand for air cushion blanket in the Japanese market has accounted for more than 90% of the total demand for blanket. In order to reduce the time required for the installation of blanket on the machine and improve the production efficiency of printing operations, most of its air cushion blanket are equipped with aluminum or iron cards at both ends, and screw splints are no longer used. In addition, according to relevant survey and statistics, the ratio of air cushion blanket to solid cushion blanket (also known as ordinary blanket) in China was 35:65 in 2000, 52:48 in 2003 and 59:41 in 2004. Air cushion blanket increased rapidly, and the proportion increased year by year. In developed countries, except for heavy printing, solid rubber blanket is basically no longer used

with the continuous development of printing technology, international well-known manufacturers have continuously introduced new types of high-efficiency air cushion blanket in recent years. These excellent brand products and their technological routes are worthy of our study and reference in the research and development of new products. For example, the zenith brand rubber blanket recently launched by Prisco adopts an air tight compression layer, which can prevent surface depression and prolong the service life. The surface material and base structure used are helpful to improve the point replication clarity and registration accuracy. Crystal blanket is also a product of Prisco. Its uniqueness is that the compression layer is composed of positive pressure sealing air bags, which can ensure that the printing pressure on the entire surface of the blanket is uniform, and has the characteristics of long service life and good point reduction

steel back brand blanket launched by day international is the only printing blanket in the international printing equipment manufacturing industry that uses stainless steel as the backing material. At present, only Heidelberg printing machine M-1000 is equipped with it. Its uniqueness is that the stainless steel backing layer can eliminate the back water seepage and ensure the optimization of registration accuracy. Perfectdot rubber blanket produced by Heidelberg (USA) company has good ink transfer performance, good point reproduction, and field printing effect. I personally think it will take several years to form a technical product with graphene playing an important or decisive role. It has stable performance, and has high anti cracking ability, which is specially used for its sheet fed printing machine. Sapphire brand rubber blanket produced by Phoenix (North America) Co., Ltd. is corrosion-resistant and crack resistant. Its surface has excellent field printing and printing effect after finishing treatment, and the high compressibility material layer can prolong its service life

sx-10 blanket produced by DYC supply company has strong corrosion resistance on the surface, and after high-precision grinding treatment, it has good ink transfer effect. The liner material with high tensile strength can prevent tensile deformation, the compression layer can reduce the stress caused by high-speed printing, and the waterproof base can greatly reduce penetration and delamination

conti air p developed by ContiTech, Germany, do not let the virus make a comeback. Restige air cushion blanket is specially used for sheet fed offset printing machines. Its greatest feature is its excellent compression characteristics, and it has a surface with a special structure of soft adhesive layer

it is also reported that the manufacturing of rubber blanket in the world today also closely follows the demand of modern printing machines such as narrow seams and seamless seams. New high-quality rubber blanket is emerging in an endless stream in the market. In contrast, at present, small and medium-sized production enterprises still account for a considerable proportion in China's printing blanket market. The production concentration of these enterprises is low, and the production equipment, production technology, management experience and management system are far behind the needs of the development of China's printing industry. Its products have been put on the market, making the medium and low-grade products of domestic rubber blanket occupy a dominant position. The overall technical level, product grade, variety, quality, quality stability and other aspects of the production of printing blanket in China are not small gaps compared with imported products with international advanced level. Domestic high-quality high-end blanket currently can not fully meet the market demand of China's rapidly developing publishing and printing industry

domestic famous enterprises: develop in exploration

in order to improve the quality and grade of China's printed blanket as soon as possible, increase the variety and output, and improve the current situation that domestic blanket medium and low-grade products account for a considerable proportion, as early as before China's accession to the WTO, that is, in the early 1990s, Shanghai undertook the project of "introducing air cushion blanket manufacturing technology" in China's eighth five year plan, Shanghai Meiji rubber products Co., Ltd. was jointly established by Shanghai printing equipment factory and other relevant units with Meiji Corporation of Japan. The company is the first printing blanket manufacturer to introduce foreign capital in China's printing equipment manufacturing industry. It is an export-oriented enterprise specializing in the production of air cushion blanket for offset printing. After more than 10 years of ups and downs and unremitting efforts, the company has become a leading enterprise in China's printing blanket manufacturing industry. Since it was put into operation, it has established a business philosophy of "fully meeting user needs" and unswervingly pursues excellence in product quality. The annual production capacity of its equipment has reached 350000 square meters. In order to meet the personalized needs of users, its products are equipped with various types of aluminum plywood or galvanized iron plywood, and can cut single blanket of any size for customers. At the same time, various types of aluminum plywood, galvanized iron plywood or steel bar plywood with different types and specifications can be installed according to specific requirements. Through the introduction of advanced production equipment, technology and high-quality raw materials, and the adoption of Japan Meiji advanced production technology and scientific management system, management experience, the company has ensured that the air cushion blanket produced has excellent quality. Its Ma, 9600a, uv-8, mxa-10w and other high-grade air cushion blanket with multiple series, varieties and models have a large market sales volume, and the products are in short supply. In 2004, the sales volume was 250000 square meters, the sales revenue was 104million yuan, the average sales unit price was 416.00 yuan/square meter, about 40% of the products were exported, and the average annual foreign exchange earning was more than 4 million US dollars. The products are distributed in dozens of countries and regions in Asia, America, Europe and Oceania. Among them, the most important exporting countries and regions are the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China. Its domestic products are also mostly used as printing machine accessories imported from world-class printing machine manufacturers, such as Heidelberg, Manroland and and so on

"meijilanket (Meiji blanket)" brand has now become a recognized brand in the international printing industry. At present, Shanghai Meiji rubber products Co., Ltd. has purchased land to build a new plant in Baoshan Industrial Park, once again introduced today's world-class production equipment, technology and management experience, and began a new round of capital increase and expansion, expanding the output of high-end products and increasing varieties, so as to meet the growing needs of domestic and foreign markets. The registered capital of the company has reached 8million US dollars, with a total investment of 14million US dollars. In 2004, 224000 square meters of printed blanket exported by China were all air cushion blanket, of which the products of Shanghai Meiji rubber products Co., Ltd. accounted for more than 20%

in addition, such as the "Spring Bud" of Shanghai laifuchi printing new materials Co., Ltd., the "new star" of Shanghai Xinxing printing equipment Co., Ltd., the "sanding" of Shanghai sanding printing rubber products factory, the "4. Qualification to obtain market access" of Shanghai Youlong rubber products company, Youlong and "Hongye", the brand rubber blanket of Shanghai sanjiagang textile belt factory and the air cushion rubber blanket produced by enterprises such as Zhongnan rubber, They are also popular brand products in China. On the premise of giving priority to domestic demand, a considerable number of products are exported every year. The output and quality of air cushion blanket produced in China are increasing, and the export volume is also increasing year by year, which has been recognized to a certain extent in the international market. Shanghai has become the main production base of printing blanket in China. In recent years, statistics show that the products of Shanghai generally account for more than 90% of the total production of printing blanket in China

development direction: pay attention to the adjustment of product and industrial structure

the above situation shows that there is no need to set attenuation for printing in China after liberation); The rubber blanket production has achieved rapid development since the beginning by appropriately reducing the import force (load) and export load. In 2004, China's printing blanket production continued to reform

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