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The current situation and existing problems of the identification of the packaging use of dangerous goods exported by air

since China's accession to the WTO, the contradiction between the increase in the identification business of the packaging use of dangerous goods exported by air and the shortage of human resources engaged in this work still exists

normal> with the development of science and technology and the internationalization of Commerce and trade, the export of dangerous goods by air presents the characteristics of large quantity, large batch and many varieties. In the past, most of the goods transported by air were samples, but in recent years, it can be predicted that due to economic, environmental and other reasons, many production bases of dangerous goods will be transferred to developing countries and then exported to other countries by air. New varieties of dangerous goods are emerging one after another, and a considerable number of dangerous goods cannot find the exact physical and chemical characteristics from the existing data. The inspectors can only make identification results based on the main dangers of such dangerous goods, but they do not have enough understanding of the potential dangers. Many unknown factors bring considerable difficulties, pressure and risks to the inspection and quarantine departments when carrying out use identification, and the work quality is difficult to be effectively guaranteed

normal> as a special means of transportation, the safety of aircraft is more important than other means of transportation. Some inspectors have a "headache" when encountering the packaging and use identification of dangerous goods exported by air, and cannot deal with it face to face. Some can only cope passively, or suggest exporting by sea, or simply let them go to the airport inspection and quarantine department to handle the use identification of dangerous goods packaging. This will cause great pressure on the airport, and the potential risks are inevitable

In the past few years, it was very difficult

normal> many dangerous goods production enterprises or foreign trade business departments did not know enough about the packaging of dangerous goods exported by air. When they were shipped, they hurriedly reported to the inspection and Quarantine Bureau, resulting in insufficient time for the inspection and quarantine department to identify them, thus delaying the delivery date; Some have unqualified inspection results due to poor packaging or non-compliance with relevant requirements; Some goods were delivered to the airport without inspection, but were rejected by the aviation department. Business opportunities were delayed due to various reasons. It can be said that the quality of dangerous goods packaging and the quality of management have restricted the development of foreign trade economy to a certain extent

normal> according to the requirements of packaging inspection of dangerous goods exported by air - use identification, the first exported dangerous goods must have the physical and chemical property test report of such dangerous goods issued by the inspection institution recognized by the national competent authority. The testing institutions recognized by the national inspection and quarantine organ carry out classification, but which are the inspection and identification institutions recognized by the competent authority? This brings a lot of inconvenience to the front-line inspectors. At present, there are indeed some institutions engaged in the grading and classification of dangerous goods transported by air, but the identification technology level of these institutions is mixed, and some are driven by interests and are engaged in the grading and classification of dangerous goods. Some so-called dangerous goods consulting companies, I'm afraid, do not have the identification ability in this regard, and issue corresponding identification certificates to strengthen the processing ability of experimental data and information by looking up relevant data or experience. It is difficult for the staff who implement the packaging use appraisal to evaluate the reliability and right of this appraisal conclusion, which condenses the power of development. After the same kind of goods are identified by two institutions, different identification results will be obtained, which is really confusing. Because the aircraft is required to carry dangerous goods that are reliably packed and meet relevant requirements to ensure safety

according to the inspection of packaging for dangerous goods exported by air - use identification, plastic packaging containers or internally coated and internally coated packaging containers used for the first time must provide a chemical compatibility test qualification report of more than six months. In practice, we often encounter such situations. The foreign trade business department or foreign customers are in a hurry to request goods, so there is not enough time for the compatibility test to be carried out after the goods are placed for 6 months. It is impossible to issue the use identification result sheet after the test results come out. Some can only judge whether they are compatible by experience, which inevitably brings risks due to subjective judgment

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