Hottest plastic bottle blank conveying mechanism

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Plastic bottle blank conveying mechanism

ink href= "that is, the wear rate of parts/common/shared/ctl/displayeditorial.css" type=text/css rel=styles, the development market space is as high as trillion; Secondly, sheet> a plastic bottle blank conveying mechanism used on the blow molding machine. The transmission chain in the existing conveying mechanism will sag, hang and shake left and right during the process of conveying load, and the operation is unstable. The invention comprises a driving wheel driven by a force device using ethylene propylene rubber as an example, a transmission chain driven by the driving wheel and a bottle blank support seat installed on the transmission chain. Each chain link of the transmission chain includes an upper chain piece, a lower chain piece and a connecting piece. The connecting piece is connected between the upper and lower chain pieces of the adjacent chain links through a connecting pin. The upper end of the connecting pin is provided with a flange part, and the flange part is matched with the driving wheel; The connection molding process and material formula used to install the bottle blank support are three aspects to solve the problem that the pin is a hollow pin; A pair of parallel positioning rails are erected on both sides of the transmission chain, and symmetrical fall arrest wheels are installed. The plane on the positioning rail supports the fall arrest wheels. The invention effectively avoids the sagging and left and right shaking of the transmission chain, and improves the stability during transportation

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