Hottest plastic Market Forecast on March 25, 2019

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Plastic Market Forecast on March 25th, 2019

[China Packaging News] due to the shift of market attention to the lack of progress in the U.S. - China trade negotiations, as well as the poor manufacturing data in Germany and the United States, people once again raised concerns about the slowdown of the global economy and oil demand, and the international oil price fell by about 2% on the 22nd, further declining from the peak in 2019. US crude oil futures copper clad laminate manufacturers' market concentration was high, falling US $0.94, or 1.6%, to US $59.04 per barrel. Brent crude oil futures closed at $67.03 a barrel, down $0.83, or 1.2%

[Market Overview and forecast]

● PE market: the market fluctuation was not large last Friday, and the price continued to fall locally. Linear futures opened low and fluctuated, and the petrochemical factory price was basically stable. Most businesses shipped cautiously, and the quotation was slightly adjusted. Downstream factories are cautious in purchasing, it is difficult to improve terminal demand, the market is good, the resistance is difficult to disappear, and the trading atmosphere is weak and unchanged. Market reference: Anhui market was narrowly sorted out, and Zhenhai 7042 was reported at 8730 yuan/ton; Guangzhou market news Jinan gold testing machine diversified plate finishing, Maoming 2426k reported yuan/ton; Tianjin market quotation sorting, Daqing 2426h reported yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market offer will be dominated by consolidation

● PP Market: the market quotation fluctuated slightly last Friday. Most petrochemical enterprises' ex factory prices remain stable, and the supporting role of comprehensive costs still exists. Merchants ship goods with them according to their own source of goods, and the transaction is just needed. The performance of the downstream market is still weak, and the actual purchasing power of the factory is limited, which is difficult to boost the market and face the good situation. Quotation reference: Wuhan market is stable and small, Shenhua Ningmei 1102k is reported at 8650 yuan/ton; Hangzhou market sideways consolidation, Fude T30S reported 8800 yuan/ton; The market price in Chongqing fluctuated, and Zhongtian K8003 reported 9300 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market price will not change much today

● PVC Market: last Friday, the market maintained a consolidation pattern, and the price was basically stable. The futures market recovered, and traders delivered goods at a stable price, with little price fluctuation. The downstream maintains rigid demand for goods, and the transaction situation is still flat. Quotation reference: the quotation in Hangzhou market fluctuates little. At present, the mainstream of type 5 electric stone is yuan/ton; The offer in Guangzhou market was temporarily stable, with 1000 large and small packages at 7000 yuan/ton; Qilu Chemical City market offer was adjusted in a narrow range, and Qilu S1000 was reported at about 6570 yuan/ton

forecast today: it is expected to ensure safety; Today's market price is stable and small

● PS Market: last Friday, the overall market trend was flat, and the price was stable. Traders' enthusiasm for operation is better than that in the early stage, but their delivery performance is average. The downstream factories are mainly on the sidelines, the overall receiving is relatively small, the general procurement is maintained, and the overall transaction in the market is general. Quotation reference: Shunde's market quotation is basically stable, and Zhanjiang xinzhongmei reported 525 yuan/ton; The quotation in Ningbo market fluctuated little, and saibaolong 525 was quoted at 10200 yuan/ton; Some quotations in Dongguan market fell, with guang525 down 10 yuan to 9650 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market price will be slightly adjusted today

● ABS market: last Friday, the market atmosphere was flat, and the offer fell steadily. In the face of limited support from the spot market, businesses operate step-by-step, with a cautious attitude. Downstream demand is average. Factories buy as they use and wait-and-see. The atmosphere of on-site trading is general. Quotation reference: individual quotations in Ningbo market fell, with 707k falling by 50 yuan to 13150 yuan/ton; Dongguan market quotation fell steadily, and Zhenjiang 757K fell 20 yuan to 12300 yuan/ton; The market quotation of Yuyao was generally stable, with 0215a at 12950 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will consolidate in a narrow range today

● PET bottle chip Market: last Friday, the mainstream focus of the market was consolidated, the trend of raw materials was volatile, the cost side support was general, and the quotation of bottle chip enterprises was mainly stable, with individual additions. Traders have a stable mentality, and downstream buying is cautious. Recently, new orders are limited, and the trading atmosphere on the floor is flat. Market reference: East China water bottle material evaluation; South China aquarium materials are self raised for reference in recent months, and individual long-term; North China water bottle material middlemen refer to self delivery

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market situation may be weak and stalemate

● pet waste recycling market: last Friday, the focus of the mainstream negotiation in the market fell narrowly, and the cleaning plant subsequently lowered the purchase price of wool. The production and sales of recycled chemical fiber were not smooth, and most chemical fiber plants pressed down on the purchase of raw materials to reduce costs. At present, the pessimism on the floor is spreading, the operators are cautious in trading, and the overall trading volume is light. Quotation reference: the mainstream offer of imitation Dahua Shangji white film in East China market is at yuan/ton, down 50 yuan/ton from the previous trading day

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