A new palladium catalyst developed by the Institut

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Lanhua Institute has developed a new palladium catalyst

the green chemistry research and development center of Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences has successfully developed a palladium/iron oxide (pd/feox) catalyst for the oxidation elimination of carbon monoxide (CO), the CO oxidation elimination of carbon monoxide hydrogen (co-h2) and the selective oxidation elimination of H2 under co conditions

is also a basic requirement for experimenters. This study realizes the CO oxidation of CO and H2 on nano palladium catalyst (pd/feox) at low temperature (0 ℃ ~20 ℃) or the catalytic oxidation of H2 in CO atmosphere for the first time. The catalytic performance of this catalyst in CO catalytic combustion reaction can be comparable to that of traditional nano gold (AU) catalyst. This work breaks through the traditional Co catalyst system based on nano Au and overturns the traditional understanding that nano P is especially suitable for brittle materials such as cast iron, casting alloy and building materials. It is a breakthrough in the field of CO and H2 CO oxidation. Only after that can experimental breakthroughs be made

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