These are the six black holes that devour the prof

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These are the six black holes that devour the profits of the carton factory

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core tips: [China Packaging News] improving the viability and profitability of the carton factory cannot be separated from the control of the company's costs. Tracing back to the source, where are the costs of the carton factory? Recently, the author collected

[China Packaging News] improving the viability and profitability of the carton factory cannot be separated from the control of the company's costs. Tracing back to the source, where are the costs of the carton factory? Recently, the author collected six black holes that devour profits that are common in Chinese carton factories for reference

black hole 1: launch a price war at will and burn profits

in the market economy, launching a price war is a common business behavior in the competition of carton factories, but some enterprises have evolved their tactical behavior into daily behavior and have long-term price diving

the profit of carton packaging industry is already very ◎ fixture: we recommend the use of 3-point zigzag loading system, which can evaluate rigid and semi-rigid materials. At the same time, the support span (size) of the sample is weak related to the thickness of the sample. One of the consequences of the "bloody" price war may directly lead to the fact that the profit earned by the carton factory is not enough to pay labor costs! If we keep reducing the cost in the fixed market price, we can really get more profits. But what if the cost is lower than a reasonable range? Jerry building and fraud are unavoidable

the price will eventually return to value, which is only a matter of time. Acts that do not conform to market rules will naturally be punished. Carton factories should call for more perfect industry supervision and macro-control, standardize the competition in the paper packaging industry, avoid interest damage and improve efficiency

black hole 2: pursue performance growth and ignore profit growth

it is understood that some leaders of carton factories often care very much about how large-scale, how many technical equipment, how much capacity, how much sales, but when asked about the core issue of carton factory profits, they even shook their heads. It turned out that they didn't even have a 3% profit, and even reached the edge of loss

some carton factories blindly expand sales and blindly compete for the market through credit sales. This kind of practice that only looks at the rising sales volume and does not pay attention to profits is often that enterprises do a lot and finally collapse... In the carton packaging industry, many enterprises are faced with the situation of "waiting to die if they do not receive orders, and losing if they receive orders"

as the saying goes, "if an enterprise is not profitable, it is a sin"! Therefore, for the current carton factory in China, it is the right solution for the development of carton factory to pay attention to the development of new products, improve the value of products and increase the profits of products

black hole 3: overstock of inventory, devouring profits

it is undeniable that in the paper packaging industry, some carton factories have good profits and sales performance. However, due to some reasons, a large amount of base paper inventory is overstocked, which virtually encroaches on a large amount of funds. The reprocessing funds of carton factories are unsustainable, and the huge inventory has become a black hole to embezzle profits

Japan Paper Industry Co., Ltd. only keeps stock of base paper for 2 days, only has more than 60 employees, and the annual output value can reach 150 million! Although it is difficult for Chinese carton factories to achieve such an inventory cycle, Chinese carton factories should take this as their goal and strive to forge ahead

black hole 4: lack of service, taking away profits

among many carton factories of acceptable scale, some carton factories have a very weak "service awareness", and their enterprises' rapid development of serving China's new material industry is just a cover. Once customers have problems with product quality, they immediately reply "not clear" and "not know". Will you consider continuing to cooperate with such carton factories next time

some carton factory employees may lack corresponding training and supervision, and some carton factory employees even think that doing after-sales service is inferior work. Such mentality and concept lead to the loss of some customers of the enterprise due to poor service, and the decline of turnover and profits is inevitable

although the carton factory is a manufacturing enterprise, the executives of the carton factory should still attach great importance to customer service. Good service will shorten the distance between the enterprise and customers and obtain opportunities for long-term cooperation with customers

black hole 5: employees perfunctory, eat profits

what is a qualified employee? Everyone has a standard in mind. However, the employees of some carton factories are sluggish and depressed. If there is a problem with product quality, you will see the phenomenon of various departments shirking and arguing with each other. Due to the lack of a certain working standard and assessment system, the employees of the carton factory only work for the monthly "salary"

invisible in this study, PEF objects printed in 3D have higher chemical resistance than those printed with commonly available materials. Such a group of indomitable and idle employees are also secretly consuming the profits of the enterprise. The waste of staff resources in the carton factory will cause fluctuations in the original market of the enterprise and bring obstacles to the healthy development of the enterprise. Therefore, an efficient and high-quality team is one of the indispensable elements for the success of the carton factory

black hole 6: the product industry is single, and the loss of profits

in recent years, the business depression caused by the single service industry of carton factory is common. When the sales volume of the industry served by the carton factory declines due to the impact of the general environment, the business and profits of the carton factory will be greatly damaged

in 2014, affected by the national macro policies, the demand for high-end gift packaging in the market fell sharply, and many carton factories specializing in this field "suffered setbacks". At the same time, with the increasing market share of intelligence, the sales of digital cameras are not as good as before. Therefore, many carton factories' camera packaging business is also relatively cold

for the carton factory, it needs to expand its own service industry and get rid of its high dependence on a certain industry. Only in this way, the carton factory will not "lose everything" due to the impact of the external environment. On the contrary, the business of "one ebb and flow" will also provide a layer of guarantee for the profitability of the carton factory

of course, in the operation of the carton factory, the cost of "secretly eating" the company is not only the above "six points". As the manager of the carton factory, he should think more. Carton factories need to control costs, increase profits, make great efforts in product innovation and service innovation, work hard to strengthen enterprise management, improve production equipment, and improve production efficiency, and avoid the thoughts and actions of eager for quick success and instant benefit, greedy for foreign countries, and blind expansion. Only in this way can we help China move from a large packaging country to a strong packaging material as soon as possible under the new economic normal, and change the transfer and maintenance of experimental machines: before the machinery transfer site

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