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Pharmaceutical trademark logo design

as a significant mark of pharmaceutical enterprises and products - pharmaceutical trademark logo, its use not only has common ground with other industry trademark logos, but also has its particularity. First of all, its design must conform to the attributes of the pharmaceutical industry, that is, health, safety and vitality; Secondly, it (referring to the pharmaceutical trademark) must be approved and registered by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce before it can be used. Pharmaceutical trademark marks are synonymous with the reputation, quality, safety and effectiveness of enterprises and their products. Therefore, the design of pharmaceutical trademark logo should not only grasp the commonness, but also highlight the individuality, so as to establish a good image for enterprises and brand-name image for products in the commodity economy market

at present, many pharmaceutical enterprises in China have their own trademark marks. However, from the design point of view, a considerable part still cannot be separated from the painterly and realistic expression methods, with obvious traces of economic closure. From the object of expression, most of them take art characters, calligraphy, mountains and rivers, tower bridges, pine cranes, flowers and birds, dragons and phoenixes, and simple geometric forms as the object of expression; From the point of view of the technique of expression, it is mostly described by weak lines, like a line drawn landscape painting, decorative painting or patchwork text patterns; In terms of emotion, many works fail to represent the characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry, and lack the attributes of enterprise products and the spiritual connotation of enterprises, so that enterprises reduce the opportunities for nonverbal communication with consumers; From an aesthetic point of view, it is either too simple or cumbersome. The lack of trademark signs should have "strong and beautiful visual signal principle". From the perspective of use, it is not possible to formulate a unified rule and Practice for the use of trademark signs, and treat the trademark signs that should be the core of enterprise image and product image as accessories. The most obvious mistake is to "dilute" them in the packaging and decoration of products, Putting the trademark in a corner dimly and lonely, people jokingly call it "button trademark", which makes it difficult for consumers to identify and choose. If the trademark of an enterprise has no unique connotation and strong visual impact, it is difficult for the enterprise to obtain the recognition and favor of consumers, so that it loses the opportunity to express its products and corporate image in the fierce market competition

with the establishment and improvement of China's socialist market economic system and China's imminent accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the great integration with the international economy, pharmaceutical enterprises must pay attention to the "Three Axis forces" of enterprises in order to survive and develop, namely, commodity force, sales force and image force, so they pay more attention to trademark signs (belonging to image force). Then, what should be the design criteria and trend of modern pharmaceutical trademark signs in China? The author has the following views:

(I) focus on creativity and give connotation

the design of modern pharmaceutical trademark logo must start from the enterprise's own image, reflect the spiritual concept of the enterprise, and make the trademark logo a living thing with flesh and blood, thought and life. Whether the trademark has a "soul" depends on creativity. Creativity should start with the name. High gloss black spray free materials can provide common or toughened PMMA, pmma/asa alloy, ASA, pc/asa alloy, PC and other material schemes. A good name is the crystallization of the creator's labor and wisdom, and it is the embodiment of a culture. A good name can connect the hearts of consumers and arouse people's pursuit of spirit and material. The naming of "the sun god of the opinions on the development of innovative new materials" issued by the state is an outstanding example. The sun has been praised by mankind since ancient times. It is a symbol of enthusiasm, wisdom, courage, kindness, health and creativity. There are legends of the sun in ancient topics in the East and West. The awarding of the "Sun God" as a trademark is just a clever combination of ancient worship and the pursuit of the times. It expresses the upward spirit and strategic goals of the enterprise with great foresight, vividly reflects the unique personality and temperament of the enterprise and goods, appropriately reflects the nature of the enterprise and the functions of products, and arouses all kinds of beautiful associations and pursuits with its high style. Shenzhen Haiwang Group, which mainly develops and produces marine drugs, takes Neptune in the ancient Roman myth of Europe as the name of the enterprise and trademark. Although foreign countries are used for China, it appropriately expresses the attributes of the enterprise and products. Haiwang represents generosity, strength and love, and symbolizes that the enterprise has an ocean like breadth of mind and great energy. The trademark "madam" of Shenzhen Madame Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. caters to the new trend with a common word. Modern women don't pay attention to health and beauty. That gentleman doesn't like his wife's youthful appearance. As a trademark of health care products that can regulate the body, prevent and eliminate dragon's patches, the name "wife" is too attractive. Starting from tradition, making foreign things serve China, and common vocabulary, these brand names are very creative, which not only skillfully express the attributes of enterprises and products, but also reflect the health, safety, and life characteristics of pharmaceutical brand marks

creativity should be shown in the logo graphics. It is the starting point and destination of creativity to express the attributes and characteristics of enterprises and products in the form of visual transmission, and to reflect the connotation, spirit and cultural concept of enterprises. Let's take a look at several very creative trademark signs: the trademark of Apollo, which is basically composed of a circle and a triangle. The circle symbolizes the sun and represents the healthy and upward commodity function and business purpose; The triangle shows an upward trend, which is the first letter of Apollo and the shape symbolizing the word "people", reflecting the upward artistic conception of the enterprise and the service and business philosophy centered on "people". The three eternal colors of red, black and white are combined to form a strong color contrast, which reflects the overall mentality of the enterprise to be unwilling to the current situation and strive to develop. This trademark design has accurate positioning, distinct and rich connotation, and has achieved the purpose of conveying the corporate image, thus becoming a model for China to introduce CI. The logo of Guangdong Hongxing Group Co., Ltd. highlights the theme with the most concise visual language. The logo takes the initial letter "H" of "Hongxing" as the design positioning, and uses conformal techniques to endow the letter "H" with the image of pengniao in ancient legends. The ROC rises in the sky, implying that the enterprise has a bright future and a grand plan; Bo hit the market and Xing developed in two to three years at the same time. The logo centrally and prominently expresses the ROC spirit of Hongxing people in a simple image, and shows the world that a traditional pharmaceutical enterprise is determined to forge ahead in the new economic wave and build a new corporate image with new achievements. In October, 1995, the new logo of Zhuhai Lizhu group was born. The creativity of the new logo is as follows: Taking the circle as the main body, it covers the Lizhu spirit of "concentric, enterprising, serious and efficient", and the rotating and symmetrical two "L" constitute the "Z", which expresses that Lizhu group is moving forward at a high speed with sufficient power. The standard color of the logo is azure, which is a metaphor for the blue sky and sea that breeds the source of life, and a symbol of the perfect combination of science and technology and nature, It shows that human beings are increasingly paying attention to environmental protection awareness in the era of water and air related to living resources. Obviously, this new logo publicizes the "green revolution" that people pay attention to today, and closely links the destiny and mission of enterprises with the destiny and future of society. Such a profound enterprise will certainly get the support of society and the love of people. It has to be said that how important and meaningful is the creativity and embodiment of pharmaceutical trademark signs

(II) simple design to meet the trend

in the case of rapid pace of modern life, the design of pharmaceutical trademark logo must be concise and clear, so that the audience can see it at a glance. To achieve this, we must completely throw away the traditional pattern description, and then cater to the international trend, and adopt the expression methods of western modern aesthetics to create a pharmaceutical trademark with simple graphics and meaningful connotation. Specifically, the following points should be considered:

1. The symbolic and concise geometric treatment style should be adopted. This is the design style advocated by Bauhaus in Europe. Due to various reasons, China failed to introduce and promote this design style. Until the early 1970s, the three major systems of western modern design - plane composition, three-dimensional composition and color composition were introduced to China, and the modern pharmaceutical trademark logo design in China was possible and produced. The trademark of Apollo is composed of circles and triangles; The sea king trademark is composed of a circle and three slashes; The logo of Antina Pharmaceutical Information System Co., Ltd. is composed of a circle and a solitary line. These trademark logo graphics are very concise, full of strength and dynamic, with an international sense of image. One thing to pay attention to is that recently, a few enterprises have begun to adopt a "casual, natural, and even complex" trademark logo. For example, today's group logo can be said to be a "rebellion" with the above style. Its emergence is the embodiment of modern people's pursuit of the concept of "new, strange, and special" in visual communication; Second, thanks to the application of modern computer technology, random, natural and complex trademark signs can be consistent in design, printing and use, and the cost will not increase significantly. In the design practice, the author realized that when applying this design style to the design of pharmaceutical trademark signs, we must pay attention to the discretion and not abuse it at will, otherwise, it will be self defeating

2. Use standard words as trademark marks. Standard characters refer to the scale, nature and business philosophy, spirit of the enterprise, and the creation of unique fonts through the clear characteristics of text readability and explainability, so as to achieve the purpose that enterprise recognition is also difficult to use overseas. The use of standard words as trademarks is very popular internationally, such as "Coca Cola", "IBM" "Sanyo" and other trademarks. There are two forms of text trademark signs: one is the graphic ten standard words, such as the trademarks of "Apollo" and "wife"; the other is the standard words, such as "999" and "green leaf" "Logo. When designing font trademark logo, we should creatively revise the text. Specifically, the strokes of the text should be thickened, the overall area should be increased, and there should be texture. In order to read more smoothly, we should try to use lowercase letters. If it is used with trademark graphics, the font should have a certain style of the graphics to achieve harmony and unity. Standard words can also be expressed in color to make it more prominent.

3, use the table with the outer circle and the inner side Present form. Only the nation is the world. The design of pharmaceutical trademark logo also pursues this truth. The outer circle and inner side is an important symbol of China's traditional culture. It embodies the broad spirit of the Chinese nation, which is soft on the outside and hard on the inside, unremitting self-improvement and magnificent. Using the philosophy of the outer circle and inner side to guide the design of pharmaceutical trademark signs is an important way to carry forward national culture, carry forward national spirit and let national industry and Commerce go to the world. When the abstract inner side of the outer circle is transformed into the concrete inner side of the outer circle, the circle gives people a soft feeling. It often represents perfection and fraternity, and reminds people of health and love; Square (including straight lines and angular geometric shapes) gives people a sense of rigidity. It often represents strength and speed, and reminds people of life and science. Circle is the symbol of commonness, which represents all the attributes of health, safety and vitality of the pharmaceutical industry; Fang is the symbol of personality, which represents every

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