Hottest plastic Market Forecast on March 27

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On March 27, the plastic market forecast

due to more and more epidemic related travel restrictions, the global fuel demand has been significantly reduced, which has surpassed the expected boost to economic activities brought by the US $2trillion stimulus plan. The role of humidity in international oil prices on plastic properties is mainly to penetrate into the absorption process. In May, WTI crude oil futures contract closed down $1.89, or 7.7%, and the settlement price was $22.6 per barrel. Brent crude oil futures in May fell $1.05, or 3.8%, to settle at $26.34 a barrel

[Market Overview and forecast]

● PE market: yesterday, the market price was stable, and the price continued to fall. Linear futures fell in a wide range, with businesses panicking and looking for deals upside down. Downstream demand remains weak, manufacturers just need to take goods, and the overall transaction situation in the venue is general. Market reference: Shunde prices loose downward, Maoming 2426h tax free yuan/ton; Anhui market offer weakened, Yangzi 7042 reported 6500 yuan/ton; Chongqing market fell weakly, and Lanhua 2426h reported 7250 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will narrow today

● PP Market: the market fatigue did not change yesterday, and the market continued to decline. Due to the lack of new profits, most businesses maintain a cautious attitude and continue to make profits and reduce positions under the influence of supply and demand. The downstream effective demand follow-up is general, and the market bearish mentality is unlikely to change. Quotation reference: the market price in Xiamen fell, and Zhongjiang petrochemical v30g reported 6800 yuan/ton; Ningbo market was weak and declining, and Ningbo Fude T30S reported 6700 yuan/ton; The offer of Yanshan k8303 is 8250 yuan/ton in Beijing market

today's forecast: it is expected that the market price will be stable and moderate

● PVC Market: the overall market quotation continued to fall yesterday. At present, the demand for PVC is shrinking, the supply side is abundant, the mood is pessimistic, and the short-term PVC market continues to be bearish. Quotation reference: the quotation of Hebei market is reduced, and the reference quotation of calcium carbide method type 5 material is about RMB/ton; Hangzhou market weak finishing, calcium carbide method 5 spot mainstream reference in yuan/ton self delivery; Changzhou market quotation continues to decline, and the mainstream price of type 5 calcium carbide method is around yuan/ton since the installation of cameras on the aircraft

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will continue to fall today

● PS Market: the market fell mainly yesterday, with a decrease of yuan/ton. Although crude oil has stopped falling recently, due to the weakness of upstream styrene and the strong bearish market mentality, businesses continue to cut positions and ship goods. The market supply circulation is slow and the transaction is weak. Quotation reference: Shantou market continues to reduce prices, and Xinghui 118 reports 6850 yuan/ton, excluding tax; Dongguan market continues to yield profits. Zhenjiang Qimei pg33 reported 7950 yuan/ton, excluding tax

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will continue to fall today

● ABS market: yesterday, the market was weak, and some fell. Bad news on the periphery, the market focus continued to move down, traders actively sold goods at a profit, the trading atmosphere on the floor was pessimistic, and the firm bid was negotiated. Quotation reference: Shantou market quotation continues to fall, and Jihua 150 is reported at 9320 yuan/ton, excluding tax; The quotation in Dongguan market is mainly down, and Ningbo Taihua 15e1 is reported at 9500 yuan/ton, excluding tax

forecast today: it is expected that the market will continue to fall steadily today

● PET bottle chip Market: the market price range was consolidated yesterday. Polyester dual raw materials recovered in a narrow range, and the cost side changed little. The offer of bottle chip manufacturers was mainly stable. Middlemen watch carefully and just need to replenish sporadically. The consumption of raw materials in the downstream is slow, and the enthusiasm for taking over is poor. The air atmosphere in the venue is relatively strong. Market reference: the price of water bottle materials in East China market is; The price of water bottle materials in South China market is self lifting; The price of water bottle ingredients in North China market is rising

today's forecast: it is expected that the market price will not fluctuate much today

● pet waste recycling market: the market trend was weak yesterday, and the price in South China fell slightly. You can take off the upper cover of the reducer, put pressure on the new material at a low price, and the price advantage of recycled material does not exist. The risk aversion of the floor operators is high, and the operation is mainly cautious and wait-and-see. The downstream recycled chemical fiber factory delivered poorly, mainly replenished on demand and purchased raw materials at a low price, with individual goods suspended, and the overall market was weak and deadlocked. Market reference: imitation Dahua Shangji white film in East China market is at yuan/ton

forecast today: it is expected that the market price of Jinan gold testing machine will remain low on the classification day

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