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Interpretation of Zoomlion: write a confident "international smile"

interpretation of Zoomlion: write a confident "international smile"

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on the morning of May 12, Zoomlion [1.68% capital research report] officially launched its overseas construction project located in the China Belarus Industrial Park in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. At the launching ceremony, zhanchunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, spoke to Belarusian State television with a charming "international smile": "Zoomlion will make full use of the regional advantages and platform advantages of the China Belarus Industrial Park and the industrial foundation of Belarus, combined with Zoomlion's advanced R & D and manufacturing technology, to build a R & D and manufacturing base covering Eastern Europe and Central Asia on the Silk Road Economic Belt."

Zhan Chunxin's smile in Belarus marks a solid step in Zoomlion's strategy of "going overseas and operating locally"

"fission + fusion" overseas expansion

"international smile" stems from confidence in overseas expansion, and confidence stems from the understanding of "integration" of overseas markets

as early as at the reception of the Italian government in 2008, in the face of Zhan Chunxin's confident smile, someone asked, "how do you understand the differences between eastern and Western cultures? And what are the ways to integrate the two different cultures?" The reason is that after Zoomlion acquired CIFA, an Italian enterprise, it still retained its original management team and implemented localized management. The former chairman not only continued to serve, but also served as the vice president of Zoomlion

before the acquisition of CIFA, Zhan Chunxin found during his visit that beautiful photos of football babies were posted everywhere on the small workstation of CIFA employees. Some stations also have radios, and employees listen to music leisurely while working. After work, 16. Everyone was very happy when they changed their work clothes. Zhan Chunxin said, "the differences between eastern and Western cultures cannot be generalized. When it comes to innovation, brand, channel, integrity and other qualities, all enterprises are the same. There are no differences between the East and the west, but differences in details. We should learn to be tolerant and find common ground."

with this concept, the integration after the acquisition is very smooth. Although the chairman of the board has not changed, the Chinese banner of Zoomlion's corporate culture "sincere, profound and far-reaching" is also hung in his office. The eastern and Western cultures have been compatible here, and the enterprise with more than 900 people can generate billions of yuan of operating revenue every year

in 2011, Zhan Chunxin took over the trophy of the "Leonardo International Award" from Italian university and President Lee, who jointly "created a wonderful world". This successful merger and acquisition case was also written into the textbook by Harvard Business School

this is only a small step in "going global". In Zhan Chunxin's view, Chinese brands should really go global, not only selling products from China to overseas, sending people overseas, and building factories overseas, but also integrating into the global industrial ecosystem and becoming a world-class enterprise jointly supported by different nationalities, countries, and humanities

in the process of globalization, Zoomlion has established the development strategy of "fission + fusion", that is, to achieve fission type professional development through the development division, and to achieve fusion type development through outward expansion such as mergers and acquisitions. With "overseas mergers and acquisitions" and "overseas self construction", Zoomlion will be built into a global enterprise headquartered in Changsha

"overseas mergers and acquisitions" is an important means for Zoomlion to allocate resources globally. Since 2001, Zoomlion has started the pace of overseas mergers and acquisitions. Up to now, Zoomlion has successively merged with British paulogite company, Italian CIFA company, German m-TEC company and Dutch raxtar company, realizing the integration of global resources and docking with international leading technologies

another important means is "overseas self construction". According to the data, Zoomlion has established sales and service platforms in nearly 80 countries and branches in more than 40 countries, covering five continents, including India, Australia, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and other key global markets. At the same time, Zoomlion has also established overseas production bases in Brazil, India and other places. "Zoomlion" smiled and said that Zoomlion's overseas market expansion was about to usher in a period of rapid development, and its revenue share would reach 30-40% from the current 10% in the next three to five years. The company was ready to compete with international giants in the industry in the next few years

Xiaoao "cloud" in the "integration of industrialization and industrialization"

as the first batch of enterprises in China to pass the standard implementation evaluation of the "integration of industrialization and industrialization" management system of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Zoomlion has made great achievements in o2o mobile marketing and service capabilities, overseas business unified support capabilities, remote product monitoring and service capabilities The credit sales risk management and control ability of construction machinery also showed a proud smile in four aspects: the level of "integration of industrialization and industrialization" is ahead of 99.04% of domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises, ahead of 97% of mechanical processing and manufacturing enterprises, and is in the forefront of the world

under the transformation tide of "industry 4.0" and "Internet +", Zoomlion began to make great changes in its business model. Since April 2014, Zoomlion has submitted the commencement monitoring data to the State Council every month. Taking the operating rate of truck cranes this year as an example, the monthly operating rate of truck cranes in April 2015 was 69.6%, up 0.7 percentage points from March, ending the continuous decline for 27 consecutive months. The average monthly operating rate of truck cranes from January to April 2015 was 63.2%

Zoomlion adopts the principle of "unified planning and step-by-step implementation", and defines the comprehensive deployment strategy of the management system of the integration of industrialization and industrialization from the front end, middle end and back end, focusing on building a sustainable competitive advantage in the globalization stage, focusing on the transformation direction of "industry 4.0", and focusing on the transformation of Internet manufacturing and marketing service mode. The front-end is guided by "global Zoomlion" and focuses on Internet transformation and credit sales to create a value network that supports global operations; The middle end takes "digital Zoomlion" as the guide, takes data as the center, and takes digitalization as the means to realize the end-to-end comprehensive digitalization and integrated management of product life; The back-end is guided by "what are the connections of the intelligent fastener bolt detection standards", and relies on the IOT and intelligent control technology to realize the intelligent tracking of customer needs, the intelligent tracking of product information, the personalized production of product manufacturing, and the whole process monitoring of product operation

after the integration of industrialization and industrialization, Zoomlion has built an industry-leading information-based business management platform for the whole industrial chain of construction machinery, realizing technology integration, product integration, business integration and resource integration. In terms of quality improvement and customer satisfaction, through the support of marketing after-sales systems such as ERP, CRM, after-sales service mobile application platform, IOT intelligent cloud service platform, the company's customer service and customer satisfaction have been significantly improved. The 2-hour arrival rate of customer service has increased from 82.6% in 2011 to 96.9% in 2012, the 24-hour failure resolution rate has increased from 77.4% in 2011 to 96% in 2012, and the average response time of customer orders has increased to 0.5 hours, The average delivery time is shortened to 7 days, and the contract review time is shortened to 22 hours

"integration of industrialization and industrialization" makes Zoomlion full of China's self-confident "international smile" smile proudly! At present, Zoomlion has 130000 devices connected with Zoomlion service dispatching center and rapid response team through the platform. On the "top" of the cloud, 2192 service engineers are always ready to provide customers with 24-hour uninterrupted intelligent services. On the "Zoomlion" account, the first account in the industry to realize the service function, in five months, the number of fans has reached 21428, with an average of 166 smiling faces added every day. Zoomlion confident Shinn said: "this kind of situation is never encountered by normal athletes. The" smiling face "has truly become an" international smile "with a Chinese label!"

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