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as of December 31, 2015, Feixun public cloud platform had 20186 small partners, covering more than 20 provinces and cities in China and the Asia Pacific region; This year, Feixun public cloud released 10 versions of various types, and has been upgraded to l version; It has three major nodes in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, and is expected to land in seven nodes in 2016

2015 is considered to be the first year of the government enterprise cloud. With the policy dividend of Internet +, cloud computing services have gradually extended from Internet companies, small and medium-sized enterprises to large enterprises and even government departments, and the market scale has maintained rapid growth. This also makes the competition in the domestic public cloud field increasingly fierce

at present, in the domestic public cloud market, cloud service providers represented by Alibaba cloud, Tencent cloud and Tianyi cloud operators are in the first tier. The second tier is mainly composed of innovative service providers with technology, including Qingyun, ucloud, Feixun cloud, etc., which are actively seeking opportunities to further improve. Among them, Feixun cloud, which was officially put into commercial use in June 2014, has a rapid upward momentum, which cannot be underestimated. At present, the number of users has exceeded 20000. It is reported that Feixun is investing a lot of human and material resources in public cloud services, aiming to impact the first tier of public cloud

upper tips1: national layout multi-point coverage

as the cornerstone of the public cloud, Feixun cloud has been vigorously deploying a new generation of data centers nationwide since 2013. For virtual machine services, Feixun cloud has provided basic support for t3+ level computer rooms in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and other places, and has realized national optical fiber interconnection. At the same time, many places such as Nanning, Changshu, Wuhan and Kunming are also actively preparing for the planning and layout of Feixun cloud for second and third tier cities

in addition to China, Feixun cloud is also actively deployed abroad and will start the construction of data centers in Munich, Germany and Silicon Valley, the United States. In addition, the Hong Kong node for overseas business was officially operated at the end of last year and achieved good results

it is understood that the overall plan of Feixun cloud is the 2030 plan, that is, 200000 cabinets and 300000 servers will be built within five years. On the basis of covering the whole country, a global strategic layout will be gradually formed to provide more available resources and better services for Feixun public cloud users

since the advent of public cloud, it has been regarded as a money burning business by the outside world, especially the horse race enclosure of cloud data center. Therefore, how to effectively bring value return has always been a hot topic in the industry. In this regard, Liang Qihui, general manager of Feixun cloud computing products department, said in an interview with the author that Feixun cloud's data center construction is not a blind investment, but an integration with local resources, which is also an important characterization parameter reflecting the changes in the internal organizational structure of metals, and is consistent with the development of local government and enterprises. He pointed out that before starting the construction, Feixun had been thinking about how to provide services according to the specific conditions of government and enterprise users, build wisely, and let cloud services create greater value

one of the typical examples is Anhui Xiangyun. At the end of 2014, Feixun cloud and Masteel group reached a strategic agreement, and the two sides jointly funded the establishment of a joint venture Anhui Xiangyun Technology Co., Ltd. in Anhui, with the goal of serving Masteel and its upstream and downstream enterprises, as well as MAANSHAN municipal government and municipal enterprises. After the follow-up large-scale development, it will also serve the government and enterprises of Anhui Province, while radiating the surrounding areas

in addition to cooperating with large enterprises, fisent also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with michaeltaylor, vice chairman of the American Plastics Industry Association, with Chongqing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology and the Management Committee of Liangjiang New Area in 2014. He delivered a speech related to sustainable development and innovation, jointly funded the construction and operation of a cloud data center, deployed fisent's public cloud platform, and provided cloud services for Chongqing and cities in the southwest region

upper tips2: professional operation services of cloud computing

at present, Feixun public cloud service mainly provides a new generation of cloud host business, integrates the IT infrastructure capabilities of computing, storage and network resources, and provides users with cloud computing services of on-demand use and on-demand payment

Feixun virtual machine supports a variety of native server systems and the deployment of most business environments in the existing industry. At the same time, the vast majority of entrepreneurs provide customized services for high-end customers in the process of enterprise development. Users can choose according to their needs, that is, buy and use, expand at will, and achieve rapid delivery in 15 minutes. In July, 2015, Feixun PECS cloud service obtained the trusted cloud service certification

in addition to these functional advantages, Liang Qihui also pointed out to the author that the key to cloud computing is service, and Feixun cloud has always focused on improving professional operation and service capabilities

we require Feixun cloud computing team to have the awareness of massive operation and build standardized and standard operation processes. At the same time, actively develop automated management tools and system platforms to assist front-line operation managers and improve the efficiency of operation management. Through the intervention of professionals, we can help the front-line operation managers to release their routine, repetitive or standardized work, so that they can have more energy to think about how to optimize and improve the operation quality, operation safety, operation efficiency and operation cost. This is the most important and the core advantage of Feixun cloud

upper tips3: open long-term win-win cooperation

in June 2015, Feixun held the first public cloud channel business conference, and invited large-scale channel agents from all over the country, covering Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Shandong, Liaoning, Hunan, Henan, Yunnan and other regions. At the meeting, Feixun said that it hoped to cooperate deeply with channel partners in the public cloud field to jointly cope with the opportunities and challenges of the cloud computing market

fisent will provide very competitive channel policies for agents. At the same time, the complete system of fisent cloud from hardware to software, from research and development to operation and maintenance can help major partners quickly transform from traditional hardware manufacturers, IDC operators, and even Internet companies to cloud computing providers

in addition to the public cloud, fisent also has a full set of self-developed solutions, including private cloud and current industry cloud for specific industries. Whether for partners or users, Feixun cloud can meet the different needs of the current cloud computing market development and user transformation process.

in fact, as part of the overall layout of Feixun cloud computing, Feixun public cloud is not only aimed at profit. From a long-term perspective, take it as an important part of the full-service industrial chain of Feixun, promote the overall growth of Feixun cloud and stabilize its market position. In this process, fisent is very willing to establish a cooperation mechanism with channel partners to achieve a real long-term win-win situation

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