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Interview with Mr. Su, founder of SYV hardware tools: tell the core of brand building

recently, insiders said that SYV's revenue in the third quarter of 2019 reached 40million, an increase of 17% year-on-year, another record high. At the same time, the brand scale has been further expanded, with more than 50 new employees, and the production plant has also been further expanded. SYV official said that the main reason for the growth of performance was the promotion of innovation and the clear construction of brand culture. The details of SYV's success came from an interview with SYV's founder, Mr. Su

it is understood that SYV is a technical manufacturing brand specializing in the design and production of mechanical bearings. For a long time, it has provided various bearing products and services to more than 50000 customers in different fields, with customers all over the country. SYV always adheres to the development strategy of quality first and innovation first. Therefore, SYV strictly implements the relevant national bearing product standards, and constantly develops innovative technologies, new processes and uses new materials in R & D and production

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Mr. Su said frankly that the innovation of SYV hardware tools is not a slogan, but a real investment of a lot of human and material resources in research and development, production, through business process management, product research and development improvement, talent training and sales model innovation, to help brand development. It is worth mentioning that since its inception, SYV has always focused on offline operations, and nearly 70% of its revenue in the third quarter was from offline operations. And most of them rely on the dealer network, and the scale of direct sales is very small, which brings great challenges to SYV. Therefore, it was decided to get rid of the single offline sales mode, cooperate with online channels to open the market together, and strive to obtain more market share and industry profits. Therefore, SYV has successively opened a number of Taobao, and pinduoduo stores, adopting the online store group method to drive SYV's new profit growth point

in addition to the transformation from offline operation to online and offline innovation and development mode, the expanding SYV also strives to create a virtuous cycle of development ecology, and build a unique brand culture of YV, which can complete various mechanical property experiments of plywood, particleboard, medium density fiberboard and other wood panels in accordance with the requirements of the national standard, and use the power of culture to drive the self growth of the brand. Mr. Su revealed to that SYV has always followed the people-oriented concept and implemented the development of SYV mainly in people themselves. This is mainly reflected in two aspects. First, internally, we should adhere to the spirit of cooperation of employees' unity, cooperation and harmonious coexistence, and constantly enhance the team cohesion. Only by fully letting team members work together, can we exchange what they need and jointly provide customers with good products and services. SYV personnel Department will often organize employees to work together. In order to popularize outdoor group construction on a large scale, while relaxing in dinners and games, Enhance the understanding and communication among members to make them feel the humanistic care of the team

on the other hand, SYV's dedication to customers is not only customer-oriented, but also always customer-oriented to guide new product development, product optimization and service upgrading. It is reported that bearing enterprise customers can recycle and regenerate multi-layer composite flexible packaging films - such as pet/polypropylene, pet/polyethylene, and metal plastic composites. Although the one-time purchase quantity is large, because the geographical distribution of customers is not centralized, it is difficult to meet the needs of long-distance customers by adopting the delivery mode of fixed storage centers. Therefore, SYV has reached cooperation with some peers to set up multiple public storage points, It is also equipped with many self owned storage centers across the country, and adopts the principle of delivering goods nearby to supply goods to customers in time, so as to reduce the loss of orders caused by delayed delivery, which is more conducive to establishing long-term cooperative relations with customers and promoting the market share of SYV hardware tools

at the end of the interview, Mr. Su also specially emphasized that if a brand wants to be evergreen, it must need the power source of development and the ability of sustainable development. In my opinion, innovation is the power source, and building a brand culture based on the development of the brand itself is the embodiment of the soft power of the brand and an important means to promote the sustainable development of the brand. SYV will always adhere to such a brand building core, and strive to gain more this year and in the future

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