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Interview with general manager of Senyuan Electric: focus on the layout of intelligent manufacturing and industrial robots in 2020

interview with general manager of Senyuan Electric: focus on the layout of intelligent manufacturing and industrial robots in 2020

on the evening of January 30, Senyuan electric released the 2019 performance forecast from the analysis of failure probability. It is estimated that the 2019 performance will decline by 94.67%-96.45% year-on-year, and the expected profit will be 10million yuan to 15million yuan, while the full year net profit in 2018 will be 281 million yuan

in order to understand the latest business development of the company and the focus of this year's work, Cailian exclusive interview with caohong, general manager of Senyuan electric on February 2

revenue lags behind and meets the rush to install wind power

for the decline in performance, Cao Hong told, "under the complex and volatile macro situation, Senyuan Electric's performance in 2019 was not good, and we were not satisfied." As for the reasons for the decline in performance, Cao Hong believes that macro factors, including Sino US trade friction and changes in the photovoltaic industry, have had a certain impact. In addition, due to the delay of construction period, the established income has not been achieved, which is also one of the reasons

"the Huai'an 830million wind power project in 2019 was originally expected to be completed by the end of the year, 2 so the mechanical properties fell, and the income was accepted and recognized in 019. However, due to various factors, the construction period was delayed, and now only a small part of the income was recognized. In addition, the construction period of Yuzhou project was delayed due to the problem of ore pressing at some machine sites, and the income of 320million yuan of the project was also postponed." Cao Hong explained

2019 annual performance forecast corresponds to Cao Hong's view. Senyuan Electric said in the report that under the influence of environmental protection and other policy factors, the construction progress of some engineering projects of the company has slowed down. In addition, under the general tension of social capital liquidity, the financing difficulties of some enterprise customers have increased, resulting in the company's photovoltaic EPC project payment collection not meeting expectations

launch the remaining 72%

will there be another delay in 2020? Cao Hong told that the subsidy for wind power projects will end at the end of 2020. If the Huai'an and Yuzhou projects are not completed before the end of the year, they will not be able to receive subsidies. He said: aluminum alloy window support qb/t 3887 ⑴ 999 "not only are we speeding up our efforts to complete the project by the end of 2020, but in order to achieve power generation before the end of the year without affecting the acquisition of subsidies, there has been a rush for installation in the whole wind power industry, which will also stimulate Senyuan's supply of wind power."

for the rush to install wind power, Liu Junhan and Pu Shaozeng, researchers of China Merchants Securities, said in the research report that in recent years, Senyuan Electric has increased investment in wind power, nuclear power and other industries. At present, the reserve of wind power projects is sufficient. At the same time, the company continues to deploy in the field of nuclear power. The wind power industry has gradually entered the rush period, nuclear power is also expected to start, and the company's new energy business will restart growth

as for nuclear power, Cao Hong believes that the signal of nuclear power startup is relatively obvious. "Before the Spring Festival, the two projects of CGN taipingling project and Zhangzhou nuclear power were invited for bids. The two projects were also invited for bids for unit 1 and unit 2 at the same time, which was rare in the past. In the past, most of them were built by stage bidding for unit 1 and unit 2, and now they are likely to be built at the same time."

in terms of profits, an investor who has been tracking Senyuan electric for a long time told the financial associated press that in the field of photovoltaic and wind power, Senyuan Electric will undertake the project by means of project engineering general contracting, and will use the power equipment produced by Senyuan itself in the construction process. There are two levels of income and profits from project construction and equipment sales, and the overall gross profit margin is about 30%

layout of industrial robots

Cao Hong introduced that in terms of business model, Senyuan electric adopts two wheel drive of service industry such as EPC general contracting and traditional equipment manufacturing industry, and in terms of business field, it takes power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing and intelligent equipment manufacturing as its two wings. Among them, intelligent equipment manufacturing and industrial robots, as one of the main business contents, will focus on the layout in 2020

Cao Hong further explained, "Others are robot manufacturers who extend to the industrial field and adapt to the needs of industrial enterprises. Senyuan itself is industrial. During the production and manufacturing process, we are very clear about what kind of robots are needed in the industrial manufacturing process, and the probability of fire in the use process of robots will be very low. Functions are very useful, which functions are redundant, and what kind of functions we need according to our own needs and experience What kind of robot you want to be. "

the above investors told the financial associated press that in fact, the predecessor of Senyuan Electric's intelligent equipment and robot business came from its own automation department. In the early stage, this department designed automatic production equipment in combination with the manufacturing needs of Senyuan electric, Senyuan heavy industry and Senyuan group. With the expansion of business, Senyuan electric established Henan Senyuan Zhongfeng Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 2019, and the intelligent equipment and robot business began to operate independently

on the issue of market competition, Cao Hong believes that at present, more international and domestic mainstream industrial intelligent manufacturers operate high-end general-purpose robots, but the products of Senyuan electric are mainly economic special robots. "When customers need the handling function, we will provide a separate handling robot, and a separate assembly robot when they need assembly. The software program and hardware equipment will be very simple. The simpler it is, the more reliable it is, the lower the maintenance cost, and the more economical and practical it is to use." Cao Hong said, "the robots we sell to our customers are optimized by ourselves in the production process, and the economy and reliability have been tested."

in terms of business scale, Cao Hong said, "last year there was not much business in this area, and the goal set this year is to make a big breakthrough."

in this regard, researchers from China Merchants Securities believe that Senyuan Electric has a large reserve of technology, talents and products in the field of industrial intelligent equipment and intelligent factory logistics, and is expected to make new development in the field of intelligent manufacturing with its own experience. However, the above-mentioned investors believe that the development of Senyuan Electric's smart equipment business is limited in 2020. "Smart equipment production lines need large capital investment. At this stage, the recovery of industrial investment growth is limited. Recently, affected by the epidemic, the growth of smart equipment business is facing challenges."

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