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Application of proportional integral derivative (PID) module in the control system of tire curing press

external temperature and pressure are the main process parameters of tire curing, and the quality of its control directly affects the quality of vulcanized tires. The traditional tire curing press control system uses a special three needle recorder to complete, and the external temperature and external pressure control adopts a single adjustment system. With the improvement of people's requirements for tire quality, many tire manufacturers require the control system of vulcanizers, especially radial tire vulcanizers, to adopt the external temperature and pressure dual regulation system. Since the three needle recorder has only one temperature regulation system, so a single vulcanizer needs to be equipped with two three needle recorders, which increases the equipment cost and maintenance volume, and causes the difficulty of the installation and layout of the electric control cabinet. Some tire factories use imported four needle recording regulator for control. Because its price is quite expensive and the programming is troublesome, it is difficult to be widely promoted. In October, 1995, our factory used the PID control unit c200-pid03 module of 0mron company in the control system of 1525 radial tire vulcanizer to develop a relatively convenient and advanced external temperature and pressure regulation system, eliminating the traditional three needle recorder on the vulcanizer. The system has been used in Qingdao No.2 rubber factory and Rongcheng Guotai tire factory since its installation and commissioning, and the control effect is quite ideal. Other tire factories, such as Dongfu tire factory, specially propose to use PID control module when purchasing vulcanizers

the relevant configurations and features are introduced as follows

1 characteristic

pid control unit inputs the signal in proportion from the connected sensor, and then implements PID control according to the preset parameters

(1) PID control: stable PID control can be obtained by using PID controller and automatic tuning characteristics. You can also choose. N/off control

(2) two PID control loops controlled by a single controller: one controller can control two PID control loops

(3) l00ms high-speed sampling period: 100ms sampling period is obtained by two loops to realize high-speed PID control

(4) digital filter, attenuate input noise: suppress unexpected input interference, and make PID control a fast response system

(5) multiple output specifications: there are three output types and in view of the uncertainty of the market as a whole: c200h-pid01 is transistor output, c200h-pid02 is voltage output, and c200h-pid03 is current output

(6) eight groups of data setting: eight values (such as setting, point (SP) and alarm setting value) can be preset in eight data groups

(7) data input and display: c200h-dsc01 data setter (sold separately) is used to input data and display the current value (V) and set value (SV). Easy to read display is installed on the panel

(8) user 2 Poor jaw quality program allows reading and writing data: with the help of C200H user program, data can be set and retrieved

2 basic configuration

1525 tire shaping vulcanizer basic configuration is as follows: PLC model: 0mron C200H series; PID model: C200H_ PID03; CPU type: C200H_ CPU01_ E; Backplane, expansion cable, power supply, etc

See Figure 1 for the system configuration diagram

in the figure, t/i is the temperature transmitter, p/i is the pressure transmitter, and i/p is the gas electric converter. T/i and p/i output signals are 4 ~ 20mA, and i/p input signals are 4 ~ 20mA. The corresponding pressure and temperature are 0 ~ 600kpa and 0 ~ 200 respectively, and the research and development of intelligent loading robot project is carried out. T/i temperature detection controls the discharge of condensed water from the steamer, and p/i pressure is to detect and control the steam inlet of the steamer. When the temperature of the steam chamber decreases, the opening of the steam condensate drain valve increases to quickly drain the condensate; When the pressure of steam chamber decreases, the opening amount of steam inlet valve increases, which increases the pressure of steam chamber, so as to achieve the purpose of external temperature and pressure regulation

3 hardware connection

3.1 input and power connection

see Table 1 for input and power connection. Table 1 input and power connection

3.2 output connection

output connection see Figure 2

4 switch parameter setting

4.1 switch state setting

sw12 unit number setting No. 0, address assignment wd100 ~ 109

sw2: pin 1, pin 2, set to normal and c200hpc status

sw202: input type setting, circuit 1, circuit 224 ~ 20mA

sw203: operation function setting, set foot 1, foot 2, foot 4, foot 5, foot 6 to the "off" (off) position, and foot 3 to the "on" (0n) position

4.2 parameter setting

the temperature parameter is allocated to circuit 1, and the pressure 77 parameter is allocated to circuit 2. Set the upper limit of temperature to 200 ℃, and the lower limit to 0 ℃; The upper pressure limit is 600kpa and the lower pressure limit is 0kpa. See Table 2 for the relevant parameter settings. Table 2 parameter settings

the above adaptive parameters and P, I, D parameters can be determined according to the specific situation on site. If the adaptive state is set, the PID parameters are automatically generated and stored in the CPU

5 programming

see Figure 3 for programming

6 use effect

pid module has only two input and output circuits, and the input and output types (current and voltage) can be switched. It is not only convenient for wiring and installation, but also very simple for PLC programming. Compared with the control system of the three needle recorder, this human factor is great, and its cost is equivalent to that of a single three needle recorder. It overcomes the shortcomings of the three needle recorder, such as insufficient adjustment channel, poor accuracy and instability. Compared with the imported four needle temperature recording regulator, its cost is only one tenth of that of the four needle recording regulator, and its programming is convenient. The module has the function of responding to PID regulation, and the ideal regulation curve can be obtained without manually setting parameters. At the same time, the PID operation can also be monitored through the programmer. Due to the adoption of PID module, it provides convenience for the computer connection of the whole tire workshop, the operation of the whole vulcanizer, the modification of process parameter control settings, production management, etc. (end)

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