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[interview] saber: the "electric shock" mode of traditional packaging

manager of China packaging marketing department saber

[China Packaging News] in the e-commerce era, all walks of life are facing transformation and upgrading. As a leader in the packaging industry, China packaging is undergoing a cross-border e-commerce evolution! On May 8, Ma Dao, manager of the marketing department of the station, said this at the EPS system technology release and exchange Symposium created by China Packaging Institute

it coincides with the era of rapid development of e-commerce, and the traditional packaging industry is forced into an awkward situation. The development of Internet has driven the development of traditional packaging enterprises to a certain extent. At the same time, business owners are thinking about how to operate traditional packaging enterprises in e-commerce

in view of the above problems, Ma Dao, a veteran who has been fighting in the packaging industry for decades, explained his views to

Ma Dao believes that the main characteristic of packaging products is private customization. According to the needs of customers, packaging enterprises formulate packaging strategies, which seems to restrict the development of packaging enterprises. Most traditional packaging enterprises can only choose to display themselves through the promotion of large platforms and wait for customers

in order to break the operation mode of traditional packaging enterprises and join e-commerce, transformation and shaping is imminent. Ma Dao told that with his years of work experience in the industry, he summarized several steps for the transformation of traditional packaging enterprises

electronic application

traditional packaging enterprises believe that the realization of e-commerce through existing search engines is equivalent to their involvement in e-commerce. This idea is biased! Rich experience makes saber have insights into the packaging industry. Ma Dao said: if traditional packaging enterprises want to get electrocuted, they need to start with the electronization of internal management at the initial stage, and carry out electronic application from the aspects of customer management, procurement management, production management, personnel management, etc., which not only saves management costs and facilitates management, but also lays a good foundation for the subsequent development of external e-commerce and trains e-commerce special operation talents

broaden the channels of the industrial chain

at present, most of the existing management software is developed based on the management of existing businesses, lacking the expansion and development of businesses. Ma Dao said that enterprise management software should bring more practical significance to the integration of enterprise resources and the expansion of business channels

our newly developed EPS system not only realizes electronization from the existing customer management, procurement management, inventory management and other management departments within the enterprise, but also, more importantly, EPS integrates upstream and downstream customers in the packaging industry for users. Users realize independent e-commerce marketing, and one-stop purchase and sales, which is the first in the packaging industry. Saber said

realize private customization on

at the EPS system exchange press conference, saber also mentioned to customers the customization characteristics realized by luoe city. It is undeniable that promotion is the first step of e-commerce, but in fact, the deployment of negotiation, transaction and optimization activities is an important part of e-commerce with excellent radiation resistance. Ma Dao said: our packaging e city came into being. Aiming at the new progress made by Hefei Research Institute in the research of light fluoroplastic shielding materials, we will create a professional plate for packaging customization and improve e-commerce services

the packaging industry is a sunrise industry. The installation editor of small film tensile testing machine believes that with the continuous participation of packaging enterprises and packers, the e-commerce of the packaging industry will be able to explore a transformation path suitable for itself

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