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INTERSIL releases a new series of high-performance, low-power 40V Precision Operational Amplifiers

INTERSIL releases a new series of high-performance, low-power 40V precision operational amplifiers. The latest operational amplifiers use INTERSIL's innovative proprietary precision bipolar technology to provide excellent performance for 12 to 24 bit data acquisition, instrumentation and industrial applications

California, USA Milpitas - December 23, 2009 - INTERSIL company (NASDAQ Global Select market trading agent and wipe rust proof oil Code: ISIL), the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance analog semiconductor design and manufacturing, today announced the launch of isl28117 and isl28217, adding two new members to its fast-growing bipolar Low-Power Precision Operational Amplifier Series

these two products ideally combine low noise and low power consumption, as well as low bias voltage, low bias current drift and minimum zero drift in the operating temperature range. These products are very suitable for the application of conditioning a variety of precision analog signals, which need to reduce power consumption, high dc accuracy and AC performance

compared with the existing competitive schemes, the functional characteristics and operation steps of isl28117 and dual channel is drop weight impact tester l28217 reduce the signal conditioning error by adopting lower noise, lower bias voltage, lower bias current and higher gain accuracy. These amplifiers achieve high gain processing of wide common mode voltage signals, and the accuracy is much better than the competitive scheme

these two devices have a wide range of applications, including medical instruments, precision active filters, power control, programmable logic controllers and digital oscilloscopes

key technical indicators

isl28117 and isl28217 provide industry-leading technical indicators, including:

low input bias: ± 50 μ 5. Max

excellent offset temperature coefficient: 0.6 μ V/℃, max

input bias current: ± 1NA, max

input bias current temperature coefficient: ± 5 pa/℃, max

low working current: 440 μ A

voltage noise: 250 NV peak to peak noise

wide input voltage: 2.25v~20v

isl28117 and isl28217 have a wide operating temperature range of -40 ℃ ~+125 ℃. The low noise and low power consumption of the device meet the requirements of signal gain front-end in industrial control applications, and reduce the overall power consumption of multi-channel signal design. The wide input voltage range of ± 2.25V ~ ± 20 ± V makes the device more flexible for the application of wide common mode signals. Full trench isolation technology can prevent the occurrence of latch up effect. At the same time, ESD levels up to 4.5kv (manikin) and 500V (machine model) can prevent field failures in industrial applications such as data acquisition and process control

pricing and availability

single channel amplifier isl28117 is packaged with 8-Lead SOIC. The price of class B products with an order batch of 1000 pieces is US $0.95, and that of class C products is US $0.78. The dual channel amplifier isl28217 is packaged with 8-Lead SOIC. The price of class B products with an order batch of 1000 pieces is $1.89, and that of class C products is $1.48

for more information about isl28117 and isl28217, please log in: http://www. This automobile manufacturer has created many technological achievements in the field of composite materials


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