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Interpretation: the "warm market" planned production capacity of Shangong machinery is gradually expanding

interpretation: the "warm market" planned production capacity of Shangong machinery is gradually expanding

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Guide: the cold market in 2012 has affected every enterprise in the construction machinery industry. Actively developing new products and constantly strengthening internal management are the topics that most enterprises are busy with at present, Shandong Shangong Machinery Co., Ltd. is no exception. The production capacity is gradually expanded, and the new assembly workshop of Shangong is first

the cold market in 2012 has affected every enterprise in the construction machinery industry. Actively developing new products and constantly strengthening internal management are the themes of most enterprises, including Shandong Shangong Machinery Co., Ltd

the production capacity is gradually expanded

the area of the new assembly workshop of Shangong has doubled compared with the previous area, which is an obvious change of the company in the near future. Bai Bowen, chairman of Shangong, explained that the plant expansion has improved the company's ability to supply products to more customers, and has also made Shangong a stronger competitor in the machinery industry because the average temperature is too high or the water temperature is too high during long-term work. More importantly, some caterpillar technologies, especially caterpillar production system, can also be applied to mountain workers. The company's plant planning is very rigorous, reducing movement as much as possible and adopting lean production process as much as possible, which can ensure reliable product quality and durability. In addition, lean means lower cost, and lower cost means creating better value for customers

according to Shangong, the scale of the company after expansion will basically be three times that of the previous one. The production capacity will position Shangong as the leader of the industry and the first or second place in the product field it wants to involve

"the industry is a little depressed at present, but in my opinion, customers with stable business are still there. They need machines and will also buy machines. The payment may slow down a little, but their business needs to continue to operate and support, and their business is still active in the market. Some new projects, such as roads, railways, etc., in my opinion, these projects are still very clear in specific regions, and the market will be strong in the future." Said Bain. This may be the fundamental reason why Shangong insists on expanding production capacity

digest Carter's concept

Shangong has benefited a lot from caterpillar. The "temporary cold" in the current market has become a good opportunity for Shangong to further digest Carter's advanced concept. Bain summarized the benefits of the mountain workers from Carter into four aspects. First, the biggest benefit comes from caterpillar production system and lean manufacturing. This system helps Shangong reduce a large number of parts inventory and release cash flow. The second is product design. Caterpillar has rich technology. Shangong has been absorbing some technical elements of caterpillar, especially in expanding its product line. Third, it has also benefited a lot in marketing, especially in foreign markets. With the help of caterpillar agents, Shangong union directly faces the global market information, and Carter agents are also ready to sell Shangong products. The fourth is the attention of mountain workers to product after-sales. If there is a problem with the machine purchased by the customer, the enterprise needs fast and professional after-sales service. Carter's experience and technology promote the service quality of Shangong

new products are constantly launched

in mid May, Shangong machinery demonstrated a number of new products recently launched by the company with the attention of hundreds of agents, including the newly launched 190 HP and 210 HP graders. Although the roadshow site was dusty, the agents still showed strong interest and purchase enthusiasm, and the scene of signing the contract was once bustling and bustling

Bain is confident in the future of the new product. He said that Shangong has only been a loader manufacturer for many years. It introduced road rollers about a year and a half ago and launched graders this year, which is a good momentum. "Caterpillar's technology and design elements are applied in the design of mountain graders. When used, the dynamic impact testing machine synchronously displays the experimental force, peak value, displacement, speed, experimental state, experimental curve, etc.; the impact testing machine (auto parts testing machine) has more powerful functions such as limit, automatic overload protection, automatic shutdown of sample fracture, higher operation efficiency, and higher value to customers." "This year, the company also launched new waste compactor products based on the design of loaders, which are mainly used for landfill and compaction. These new products continue to expand the product line of Shangong and help Shangong become a supplier that can provide customers with a full range of products," Bai said

in fact, new product development is only part of the "warm market" plan of Shangong. "We have formulated a long-term business expansion and improvement plan for several years, and the plan is still being implemented. We have been investing in this plan and continue to build new plants, which also shows our confidence in the industry. After a period of downturn, we believe that the industry will continue to grow and return to its previous level, and mountain workers will also be a key player in the industry." Said Bain

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