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Nur, Secretary of the party leading group and director general of the National Energy Administration ˙ Bai Keli presided over the meeting and made a speech

write a new answer to the high-quality development of China's energy - Interpretation of the work summary of the National Energy Administration in the first half of 2018

again in the middle of the year, time rubbed its footprints and began to draw a new answer

looking back, the excellent answer sheet of "a better start" left such an appraisal: in the first half of the year, the power consumption of the whole society increased by 9.4% year-on-year. In the first five months, the new installed capacity of coal-fired power in the country decreased by more than 40% year-on-year, the wind and light rejection rate achieved "double reduction", and the new round of pilot power reform was fully covered... The national energy "mid year examination paper" released on July 26 is full of gold

looking ahead, the "arduous and complex" journey bears such a mission: "promoting the high-quality development of energy is an arduous and complex system engineering, with many contents, a wide range and great challenges. Some aspects have just been solved. We must be more clear-cut in orientation, clearer in thinking and more accurate in measures." Nur, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission and director of the National Energy Administration ˙ Bai Keli made work deployment with higher standards and stricter requirements

grasp the right course and stabilize the foundation of the "Four Consciousnesses"

those who seek the strength of wood must consolidate its foundation. p>

learn deeply, comprehend thoroughly, and practice

-- insist on leaders taking the lead, and the above rate is lower. They further strengthened their ideals and beliefs and improved their political ability

-- adhere to the combination of learning and application, and the unity of knowledge and practice. Since the beginning of this year, we have further strengthened the work of requesting instructions and reports from the Party Central Committee, timely requesting instructions and reports on major work and important information, and thoroughly studied and implemented the important instructions of the central leading comrades; Deeply study the ideas and measures of high-quality energy development in the new era, focus on the two important nodes of 2035 and 2050, deeply study the goals and tasks, realization paths and index system of China's energy development, preliminarily clarify the goals and tasks of building "seven systems", and further clarify the working ideas

it is more important to be strict in an all-round way. Only by being strict can we be comprehensive. Since this year, the Party group of the national energy administration has thoroughly implemented the important decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, studied and formulated implementation opinions on implementing the requirements of comprehensively and strictly administering the party in the new era, strictly implemented the spirit of Several Provisions on strengthening and maintaining the centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee, and firmly promoted the in-depth development of comprehensively and strictly administering the party

from the warning education of "interpreting discipline with cases", the political life within the party has been further serious, to insisting on early and small prevention, and the discipline construction has been further strengthened; From strictly implementing the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee and the implementation rules, the construction of work style has been further deepened, to raising the sharp sword of inspection, and further strengthening the supervision, discipline enforcement and accountability... This is a brand-new answer written by the National Energy Administration with its original intention on the non-stop way to the examination

see the actual effect in improving quality and efficiency supply optimization

Where is the difficulty of structural adjustment, and where is the breakthrough of supply side structural reform in the energy field

in the past six months, the coal and electricity capacity reduction has been progressing smoothly, which is the road to nirvana in energy transformation -

we will strive to promote the orderly withdrawal of coal mines with an annual output of less than 300000 tons, actively release the advanced coal production capacity, adjust and optimize the layout and construction timing of the coal industry, further improve the concentration of the coal industry, and shift the relationship between coal supply and demand from overall easing to balance. The coal-fired power units below 300000 kW that fail to meet the standard are comprehensively surveyed and the new scale is strictly controlled. In the first five months, the new installed capacity of coal-fired power nationwide has decreased by more than 40% year-on-year, and the utilization efficiency of coal-fired power has been significantly improved

in half a year, one clean unit was put into operation, which is a new driving force for China's energy development -

as of the end of June, the installed capacity of hydropower, wind power, solar power and nuclear power in China has increased by 249, 753, 2431 and 1.13 million KW respectively compared with the end of last year. AP1000 relies on the first loading of Sanmen Nuclear Power Unit 1 and Haiyang nuclear power unit 1. In addition, the National Energy Administration timely studied and adjusted the photovoltaic industry policy, scientifically grasped the pace of development, optimized the development layout, and promoted the improvement of the photovoltaic electricity price decline mechanism. The order of market investment and construction has become increasingly rational and orderly, effectively preventing the risk of excess capacity in the photovoltaic industry

in the past six months, clean energy transmission channels have been planned and constructed, which is a low-carbon, green and efficient power viaduct -

efforts have been made to supplement the weaknesses that affect consumption, improve the regulation capacity of the power system, accelerate the planning and construction of clean energy transmission channels, study and improve the long-term mechanism, and the power system's ability to receive clean energy power generation has been significantly improved. In the first half of the year, the wind abandonment rate and light abandonment rate decreased to 8.7% and 3.6% respectively, with a year-on-year decrease of 5 and 3.2 percentage points respectively, and there was basically no water abandonment

ride the desert wind, dance the waves and gather golden sunshine. Data is the most powerful witness. In the past six months, China's consumption of non fossil energy accounted for 12.2%, and the proportion of coal consumption fell to 59.6%. The "one rise and one fall" describes the acceleration of structural optimization of CFRP body sources designed with energy fibers, and also shows how clean energy has become a green engine for national economic development with the world's largest installed amount of renewable energy

affectionate energy services benefit people's livelihood

the new era gives birth to new missions, and new contradictions put forward new requirements. The growing desire for a better life has risen in the hearts of the people as a footnote to the times when the dreams and hopes of colleges and universities and scientific research institutions complement each other. People's higher requirements for energy use experience and ecological environment endow energy work with new connotation

what the people want and what the government wants. Since the beginning of this year, the measures taken in energy work have carried the deep feelings of public opinion first, and also reflected the expectations of the people. From different aspects, it reflects the changes brought by the in-depth implementation of the major strategic tasks of the central government and the efforts to improve the level of energy service security:

-- continue to improve the level of rural energy development. Vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading of rural electricity, solidly grasp the construction of key projects such as rural power supply, strengthen the planning and layout of bio natural gas and bio fuel ethanol industries, promote the energy utilization of agricultural and forestry residues, and expand new channels for improving rural ecological environment and promoting farmers' income increase

-- help win major battles. Rural power transformation and energy project construction continue to tilt the layout towards poor areas, strengthen the arrangement and construction and operation management of photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects, actively and steadily promote clean heating in winter in northern China, and vigorously strengthen the ecological environment protection in the energy field

-- do a solid job in energy safety production and guarantee. At present, the total amount of available resources has increased by more than 20billion cubic meters compared with last year

high quality development in the new era is not only an increase in quantity, but also an improvement in quality. It is not only the ardent expectation of the people, but also the focus of the national energy work in the second half of the year to make up for the shortcomings of people's livelihood as soon as possible and actively implement the energy people's livelihood project. From fully ensuring the safety of energy production and supply, to accelerating the construction of natural gas production, supply, storage and marketing system, from actively and steadily promoting clean heating in winter in the northern region, to solidly doing a good job in the battle of pollution prevention and control in the energy field, and turning the driven needle back to zero, as long as it is the focus of public concern, it is the work deployment and focus of the National Energy Administration this year

innovation and change, reform and opening up are full of vitality

the energy struggle in the new era is a journey of reform and opening up

this year marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. Looking back on the past and overlooking the new journey, we are more convinced that reform and opening up is the key to energy development and a winning move to win the future. In the first half of the year, there were various highlights of energy reform promoting development and energy opening promoting development

on the one hand, we will continue to deepen reform in key areas. In the first half of this year, a new round of electricity reform pilot projects were fully covered, and the third batch of incremental distribution business reform pilot projects began construction. Spot electricity trading and medium - and long-term trading accelerated. In the first half of the year, the market-oriented trading electricity of the whole society reached 791.2 billion kwh, accounting for 30.4% of electricity sales. We will strengthen policy support for unconventional oil and gas exploration and development, and coordinate the introduction of a 30% reduction in shale gas resource tax

on the other hand, we will continue to promote the reform of decentralization, regulation and service in the field of energy. Since this year, we have strengthened the management of project pilot demonstration work, further optimized the power business environment, strengthened the supervision of monopoly links, and effectively served the development of the real economy

at present, the "the Belt and Road" energy construction has entered the stage of practical cooperation and comprehensive promotion. We will introduce opening-up measures in the fields of electricity, coal, oil and gas

go to the midstream, and make great progress towards the high-quality development of energy in the new era. In this examination room, "the times are the examiners, we are the respondents, and the people are the examiners". In the second half of the year, the energy work will not forget its original intention, take the people as the orientation, and continue to hand over the energy development in the first year. The consumption of plastics is constantly increasing

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