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Interpretation of Xiaomi air2se and Hongmi airdots, Xiaomi airdots Youth Edition area 3. Experimental force measurement range: 0.4% - 100% FS (full scale) which is better

Xiaomi air2se and Hongmi airdots, Xiaomi airdots Youth Edition are three popular headphones. Let's take a look at the differences and comparisons and comments of friends for the reference of friends in need

1. Which is the difference

experimental operators are not allowed to touch casually. 1. The biggest feature of the new red rice airdots compared with the old model is that they are independent of the main and auxiliary ears. The youth version of Xiaomi airdots used before is the right ear main headphone. You have to reconnect the left ear when you take it out alone, and then take out the right ear. You can't connect it in series. First take out the right ear everywhere alone, and then take out the left ear, and then it can be connected automatically. The new red rice airdots and Xiaomi air2se are independent of both ears, Xiaomi air2se has more power on pop-up windows that show that the sound quality should be good. The color matching is white, and the red rice color matching is black. It's a little ugly, but Wumart is cheap, only 99. It's cost-effective. Red rice airdot is recommended

2. Second, if the experience delay is shorter and there is no difference between the main and auxiliary ears, this new Xiaomi air2s is also a good choice, but the price will be relatively higher

3 at the beginning of the year, the crisis of excess capacity was the most serious. Regular users of Xiaomi air2s headphones commented on it to see how the sound quality was.

II. Comments on the use of friends: 3 pointer zero position is unstable

1. Only used red rice airdots, the left and right ears are not interchangeable very well, and the power is much better than the previous generation. I'm too satisfied with this power, and I wear it well

2. Xiaomi air2se has strong endurance, fast charging, convenient wireless charging, good workmanship, very delicate, tight fitting, good sound quality, fast connection, no foreign body feeling in the ear. Xiaomi company is still a cow, with good cost performance

3. The original apple wireless headset has been used for two years, and the battery is dead. After changing this Xiaomi earphone, it's good to use in a day and cost-effective! It can also be charged wirelessly

4. Xiaomi air2 se quotes, let's see if you regret buying it.

third, summary:

Xiaomi air2se and Hongmi airdots. In general, Xiaomi airots Youth Edition has its own advantages, so you can choose according to your own needs

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