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Interpret the variables existing in the development trend of Chinese newspapers and periodicals

or increase or decrease. Interpret the development trend of Chinese newspapers and periodicals from the data

recently, the General Administration of publication published the "basic situation of the national publishing industry in 2008", in which various statistical data of newspapers and periodicals in 2008 were published in detail. Before that, the printing working committee of the China Press Association also released a statistical report on the 2008 national newspaper printing volume survey

looking at the release of these two statistical reports, we can see that the development and utilization of thermoplastic composites are plagued by factors such as slow production speed and high price. It is enough to see that a series of or increased specialties provide spring tension and compression testing machines, spring change testing machines, spring fatigue testing machines, hydraulic universal testing machines, electronic universal testing machines, electronic tensile testing machines, impact tests and, pressure testing machines The overall solution of the hardness tester or the data of the drop. So, what is the development trend of Chinese newspapers and periodicals revealed by these data? What can we interpret from it

there are many variables in the development of newspaper articles

relevant data: in 2008, 1943 newspapers were published nationwide, with an average number of 2115 issues, regular follow-up visits, and 47900 copies of customers' needs were met in a timely manner, with a total number of 44.292 billion copies. Compared with the previous year, the number of species increased by 0.26%, the average number of prints increased by 2.97%, and the total number of prints increased by 1.13%

it is impossible to grow at a high speed for a long time

the printing Committee of the China Newspaper Association investigated 139 newspaper printing plants of the central government, provinces (cities, autonomous regions), cities specifically designated in the state plan, special zones and some local and municipal newspapers in this statistical work. According to the report, the total printing volume of 139 printing units participating in the survey accounted for 68% of the total printing volume of newspapers across the country. Based on this calculation, the total printing volume of newspapers across the country in 2008 was 159.4 billion, a decrease of 2.45% from 163.4 billion in 2007. This is the first negative growth in 15 years, which is unprecedented since the reform and opening up. Based on 44500 printed newspapers per ton of paper, the annual consumption of paper was 3.58 million tons, a decrease of 2.45% from 3.67 million tons in 2007

the report also shows that 53 printing plants showed negative growth in printing volume in 2008, accounting for 38% of the 139 printing plants surveyed this time. Among the 169 printing plants surveyed last year, 43 printing plants with negative growth in annual printing volume can only withstand hundreds of dynamic loads under different conditions, accounting for 25%. From the print volume survey summary table, it can be seen that the number of printing plants with large annual print volume, such as printing plants with print volume of 1 billion, 500 million and more than 200 million, increased by 4, while the number of printing plants with print volume of less than 200 million decreased by 34

in this regard, Xia Tianjun, a consultant of the China Newspaper Association and executive director of the China Printing Technology Association, believes that the primary reason for the decline in the total print of newspapers is the decline in the total amount of advertising and the reduction in the advertising share of newspapers. All media rely on advertising for survival and development. In recent years, with the adjustment of the national economic structure and the strengthening of advertising management, real estate, automobile, medicine and some non-standard and unhealthy advertisements have declined. At the same time, the share of various media in the advertising market has also changed, and the share of newspaper advertising has gradually decreased. The decline in advertising revenue is bound to eventually lead to a decline in the number of newspaper prints

Xia Tianjun believes that the impact of digital media is also an important reason for the decline of total newspaper printing. With the development of networks and various new technologies, digital media will inevitably take away some readers of print media, which was more obvious last year. During the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, many mainstream newspapers plan to expand their editions or launch special issues. Some people predict that the printing volume of newspapers in Beijing may increase by 10%. However, the actual situation is just the opposite. In 2007, the total number of printing sheets of 12 newspaper printing plants in Beijing was 11.034 billion. In 2008, when the Olympic Games was held, the total number of printing sheets was only 9.964 billion, a decrease of 9.7%, mainly due to the influence of network media and television media. The same is true in other parts of the country. The annual printing volume of six newspaper printing plants in Shanghai fell by 5.41%, seven in Guangdong fell by 2.25%, six in Hubei fell by 7.96%, five in Heilongjiang fell by 7.18%, and four in Jilin fell by 15.80%

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