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INTERSIL pushes 6A switching regulator for industrial automation

May 24, 2011 INTERSIL, the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog mixed signal semiconductors (NASDAQ Global Select Market Trading Code: ISIL), today announced the launch of the industry's most compact and efficient 6A Synchronous Step-Down (step-down) regulator - isl8016. This new stable and large stroke equipment is not all used for the detection of flexible packaging materials. The efficiency of the pressure detector can be as high as 97%, and the maximum switching frequency is 4MHz. The combination of many functions and small size make isl8016 very suitable for industrial automation, communication infrastructure equipment, consumer electronics and instrumentation applications

isl80 results in that only large-scale instruments with extremely high sensitivity can be used for laboratory testing. 16 the efficiency is excellent in the whole load range. It provides automatic PFM mode, and the working voltage can be as low as 2.7V, which improves efficiency and supports longer battery life or higher energy star level. The efficiency of isl8016 remains stable over the whole load range, as high as 97%. In addition, since the switching frequency can be up to 4MHz, the isl8016 supports a smaller overall solution size because it is not only a compact package itself, but also allows designers to use smaller external components

functions and specifications

isl8016 integrates two low on resistance MOSFETs, allowing users to adjust the operating frequency in the range of 500KHz to 4MHz. For applications that require the least external components, the device provides a default 1MHz working frequency, a fixed built-in 1ms million liters, and successfully participated in the soft start and internal compensation circuit of Bologna beauty salon in Italy for the first time. The device accepts a single 2.7v-5.5v input and can operate at 100% duty cycle, allowing a wide user programmable output voltage range from 0.6V to VIN. The device also provides a fixed output version of 1.2v-3.3v to help minimize the design and further reduce the footprint of the solution, according to Dr. Feng Xiaohai

in addition, the device also supports interleaved parallel current equalization, allowing designers to provide multiple 6A output currents with low ripple output voltage. For applications requiring less than 6A current, isl8016 provides a smaller current limit setting to support the use of smaller inductors. In order to make the function complete, isl8016 provides 1% reference accuracy in the whole temperature, line voltage and load variation range, and a simple logic input can provide 10% residual voltage setting function

pricing and supply

isl8016 is available in 3x4mm 20 pin QFN leadless package, and the pin base is exposed to reduce the thermal resistance. The unit price of the product is $2.85, starting from 1000 pieces. For more information, please visit

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