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Application of photoelectric encoder in valve control and manipulator position detection

nowadays, most valves are designed for Mechatronics, which can automatically control the valve through the circuit system; The circuit system realizes the control, feedback and adjustment of the valve opening, and achieves accurate positioning, which focuses on the accurate feedback of the valve position and 1 The operation of mechanical design is carried out with too low oil viscosity (there is continuous oil outflow from the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve during loading), which is also a difficulty in the comprehensive design of electromechanical integration. Similarly, in the application of manipulator, such as the system control of base, boom, jib or multi axis, it is necessary to detect their position information in real time and transmit their position to the control center for processing; The position detector of the manipulator requires a small size for better installation

in the control of valve and manipulator, the position information of valve and arm can be detected without the movement of valve and arm after power on. To do this, we need a complete set of absolute value encoder, which has more advantages in measurement range and accuracy. Avago multi turn absolute value encoder aeat-84ad series is very suitable for the above applications. Its advantage is that it is small in size, does not need the battery to retain the position information, and can detect the position information immediately when powered on

Anhua Gao AEat additional -84ad product introduction

1, multi turn absolute value encoder

aeat-84ad adopts transmission mode to detect multi turn absolute value photoelectric encoder, which is basically composed of photoelectric emitter, photoelectric detection and 6 or 7 gear modules. At present, 12 bit or 14 bit resolution accuracy is provided; The diameter of small size is 55mm and the height is 12.2mm; The working temperature can range from -40 ℃ to 125 ℃; The rotation speed can reach 12000/min; Provide 2 × 4 signal and power connection. Working together with asas-7000, it can be output through absolute value coding of up to 30 bits

products can be well used in semiconductor automation, industrial sewing machines, robots, valve control, etc

2, functional block diagram

read out the three bit signal data mtdat [2:0] corresponding to each gear through multiple selection signal mtmux [2:0]. For the output of seven gear sets, there are seven groups of three digit data to be read out, and 14 digit gray code output can be obtained by means of look-up table or simple calculation. The transmission of 6 gear sets affects more than 500 downstream enterprises, and the converted gray code is 12 bits

application in valve control

in the electromechanical valve design, the controller controls the motor to execute the valve control according to the requirements or the command input at the upper end, and feeds back the position to the controller through the absolute value encoder, forming a closed-loop control system, which can well realize the control, feedback and adjustment of the valve opening. In this system, there is no need for batteries or storage components to retain the position information of the valve. After the system is powered on, the opening information of the valve can be obtained directly, without the need for the valve to perform additional mechanical movement

the multi turn absolute encoder module has high resolution, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, and the voltage range is 5V. The size of the module is small, and the installation is convenient and fast, which provides convenience for the mechanical design and circuit design of the whole valve, making the design of intelligent electric valve possible

application in manipulator

generally speaking, one encoder is required to provide feedback for the position information feedback of each one-dimensional manipulator. In the application of high-precision manipulator, such as the manipulator of semiconductor automation, it can also be considered to work together with asas-7000, which can provide up to 30 multi turn position information, and provide necessary feedback information for the precise control of the manipulator. For aeat-84ad, it can detect the movement information of 12000 revolutions per minute, and the response is very sensitive; By reading the position information, the motion speed and other parameters of the manipulator can be calculated. The motion position of the multi-dimensional manipulator can be read by the main controller when it is powered on, which has great advantages for the incremental encoder

for the design of manipulator, a on the contrary, it can be better applied to it without the advantages of eat-84ad, such as high precision, high sensitivity, small size, modular design and so on

in the application of multi turn photoelectric absolute value encoder, because its position information does not need battery power or other storage, it can be easily read after the system is powered on. These advantages are unmatched by incremental encoder. Its high precision, high sensitivity, fast response, small size, modular design and other advantages can be well used in valve control, manipulator, high-precision position control components

tip: in the design of this encoder, it is necessary to avoid dust pollution and try to be closed

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