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Interview with Mazhigang, general manager of Suzhou Baohua Sealing Technology Co., Ltd.

before the interview with Mr. Ma, I had a lot of expectations in my heart - what kind of content will this boss, who is praised by colleagues in the industry, bring us. In the interview, from the beauty of the project, to market changes, to technical points and industry competition, President Ma interpreted to us the "sealing industry" in his eyes from many aspects. Before he interviewed president Ma in a simple way with an image of

, he had a lot of expectations in his heart - what will this boss, who was praised by colleagues in the industry, bring us. In the interview, from the beauty of engineering, to market changes, to technical points and industry competition, President Ma interpreted the "sealing industry" in his eyes to us in many aspects, interpreted complex equations in simple terms with vivid examples, and shared years of industry experience with us in a simple and clear way. This time, the team of "Valve World Asia" not only completed the interview task, but also seemed to relive a "introductory course" in the valve sealing industry

the beauty of engineering comes from liking and being good at

in 1988, he graduated from East China Institute of chemical engineering, majored in chemical machinery, joined Suzhou Valve Factory, joined Taicang boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection Institute, studied postgraduate, and then started a business. Ma Zhigang's past experience described as "colorful" seems not exaggerated. However, every career change is closely related to the "sealing" industry. In 1992, he began to clean petrochemical equipment and equipment. In the process of getting familiar with petrochemical equipment and equipment process system, he found that there are thousands of detachable connection points in the process industry that need to be sealed. At that time, he had a deeper understanding of the importance of sealing to the process industry. After several years of working practice in the front line, Mazhigang decided to go to graduate school and continue his further study. His research direction is sealing materials, and he established his current company in the early stage of graduation

"For nearly three decades, I have been taking sealing as my research object. Up to now, I believe that to do a good job in the sealing industry, we need to follow three principles - supported by theory, based on standards, and targeted by engineering practice. How to do a good job in the integration of these three and establish a good R & D platform is the key to development. Secondly, we should establish an efficient and cohesive R & D team. Thirdly, we should cooperate with universities and authoritative research and design The Institute carries out exchanges and cooperation. None of the three is indispensable. On the one hand, it can improve the quality of products, and on the other hand, it also enables enterprises to provide effective services and support. " Mazhigang introduced it to us

in the process of communication, he mentioned "the beauty of Engineering" more than business territory. He said, "although we haven't reached the realm of scientists, when the idea in our mind is made into drawings and objects, and then it is verified by all experiments that it is completely consistent with your idea, you will find that this process is very wonderful. If I briefly describe my background, then I have been doing what I am professional and what I like."

industry: the change from "invisible" to "inaudible"

about the changes in the sealing industry, Mazhigang said: "To be frank, there was only one requirement for sealing in the past, that is, 'no leakage'. Of course, 'no leakage' is a very extensive concept, and the so-called 'no leakage' is actually based on the sensitivity of the detection instrument. For example, in the past, no leakage was judged by the sensitivity of the human eye, which is called no visible leakage; now, our corresponding leakage control index is called 'fugitive leakage', and the intuitive requirement is that the nose cannot smell it 。 This change first comes from the change of industrial demand and the change of sealing technology itself. There are three incentives for change. First, the progress of materials is very critical. In the development process of two decades, there have been many materials with high compactness and low leakage rate, including the improvement of metal materials and the upgrading of filling technology. Secondly, it comes from the design of sealing structure. The original design concept was sent to China by nuclear telex in the late 1990s, that is, the design concept of metal to metal contact of the European sealing Association. This design concept has greatly improved the material requirements of the sealing connection joint and the risk of sealing stress loss of the sealing joint during high and low temperature alternation. This new design concept also further promoted the development of structural design. The third is the progress of installation technology - from rough 'experience' smashing to precise requirements. This is particularly evident in large and important equipment, including the fastening bolts of the valve stem stuffing box, which have set corresponding load requirements. In fact, this is also a change of concept. Operators began to realize that the leakage of the connector is not only a problem of the seal itself, but also related to installation and structural design. Asmepcc-1 2011 has made detailed provisions and guidance for installation, which are the embodiment of the improvement and change of the industry itself. "

"in addition to the changes of the industry itself, the requirements of national policies and laws are also one of the important factors for the transformation of the industry", Mazhigang continued, "In recent years, the environmental protection supervision department has paid more attention to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) According to the emission increase, a certain amount of maintenance and reuse can be carried out, which meets the control requirements. The so-called unorganized emission is directly defined as the gradual escape under unexpected or uncontrollable conditions. This situation is largely concentrated in the packing sealing position of the valve. Today, the regulatory authorities impose quantitative emissions on petrochemical enterprises, exceeding fines through the use of composite materials and dispensing design. The requirements are very strict, and are stringent year by year; Sinopec has even clearly defined leakage as an 'accident'. The requirements of the above laws and regulations make it necessary for enterprises to constantly improve technology and seek development. "

"of course, the continuous cooperation with foreign enterprises also promotes the continuous development of the domestic sealing market. Although the gap still exists, it also shows that there is still room for development, and a clear direction will give impetus to development." Mazhigang added

products: where is the leakage

valve packing and middle flange seal are two product categories that Ma Zhigang has been focusing on. As for fillers, he believes that the treatment of materials and the control of compactness are two points worthy of attention. Mazhigang explained: "Take graphite as an example, the treatment methods of the same graphite under different working conditions are different, and its friction coefficient is different. In fact, the load of the valve rod is the largest at the moment of movement, and how to control the friction coefficient is extremely critical. The second is the control of the tightness of the material itself. Generally, there are three channels of leakage - the bonding surface between the inner side of the packing and the valve rod, the outer side of the packing and the inner side of the stuffing box, and the packing itself. If The former sealing standard can meet the requirements through the adjustment of sealing structure and load, as well as the adjustment of hardness, roughness, coaxiality, concentricity, etc. of valve rod; However, to achieve the goal of micro leakage and anti escape, it is not easy to achieve if we do not try to improve the tightness of the filler itself. For example, the function of braided packing and its combination are not mainly for sealing, but to prevent graphite from being extruded. After the graphite packing is made, we have several main index requirements: first, the friction coefficient, and the driving load of the valve rod should be as small as possible; The second is tightness or leakage rate. Under the same tightness, the smaller the driving load required by the valve stem, the better, that is, the smaller the friction coefficient, the better; The third is the calculation of service life. How many times the packing can cooperate with the action of the valve stem, which involves wear, attenuation and other factors. "

when referring to "middle flange", we have to talk about the cooperation between seal manufacturers and valve manufacturers. Mazhigang said, "at present, domestic valves often face a problem - under the same diameter, flow and pressure level, the" size "of domestic valves will be larger than that of foreign products. In addition to the design of the valve, one of the most important reasons for this phenomenon is the sealing of the middle flange. The medium flange gasket of domestic valve manufacturers often uses flat flange, which leads to the need for the flange to provide a sealing surface with sufficient width, which will increase the flange size. Under most design conditions, greater bolt load is required, so the bolt specification will be larger; Secondly, the friction coefficient is large, and the driving load of the valve rod is large. Therefore, with the same specification and grade, we often find that the valves produced abroad are particularly exquisite. Only by focusing on these points and then conducting research and development can we get twice the result with half the effort and truly solve the problem. "

for Baohua seal, an enterprise founded by himself, Ma Zhigang insists on not only selling products, but also providing complete R & D and service cooperation. He said: "We produce products and are more committed to solving problems for customers. For example, a high-pressure ball valve with fixed spool and floating seat of a valve company encountered obstacles in the process of passing the verification test of 31mpa and greater than 300 ℃. After analysis, it was found that the main reason is that the sealing stress is not enough, because the initial design only relies on the back spring compression to produce reaction; therefore, we developed and designed a new type of self tightening seal, using medium Effectively improve the sealing stress level under working conditions, and successfully passed the test verification. " "Another example", Ma Zhigang continued with an example: "Not long ago, we did a cooperative research with a Research Institute on the pump seal. The difficulty lies in the high and low temperature alternation caused by the change of operating parameters, which leads to the incongruity of the deformation of the connecting parts, and there is a great risk of leakage. In fact, the basic principle is the same whether it is the valve packing seal or the flange seal. First, the sealing stress, that is, the pressure stress between the sealing surface and the sealed surface must be much greater than the medium pressure P (the requirement of ASME XIII or GB150 is greater than 2MP). Second, the sealing material itself must be tight enough, that is, the capillary effect resistance must be much greater than the medium P. In short: if you make clear these most basic physical meanings, the road is simple, and then extend it, you can do a lot of articles. "

Market: the purpose of competition is to share

industry competition is inevitable, but the attitude of enterprises and decision makers in facing competition is very important. In Mazhigang's view, the competition in the sealing industry is ultimately the competition of comprehensive ability. This more includes the design ability, test ability and verification ability matched with users (including the operating users of valve control frequency converter) and the ability to solve problems on site. Secondly, he also attaches importance to the improvement of production capacity and plans to increase sales and demand through cooperation with a large number of valve manufacturers; Realize lean manufacturing on the basis of improving production capacity, and then improve cost optimization. In the face of the competitive pressure of foreign high-quality brands that have been pouring in in recent years, Mazhigang has a very positive attitude: "I think we should follow two principles in doing business - business ethics and business logic. The so-called business ethics is that everyone shares the market, don't expect to eliminate competitors, but share resources by normal means. While business logic is that we must provide value to customers in order to get their due development, so I think the competition from high-quality brands is good for the development of our enterprise, because they are more rational and do not tend to From the price war; In addition, it also forms a kind of pressure to stimulate our potential ability, which is also

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