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INTERSIL launched the industry's first fully encapsulated digital power module

INTERSIL, the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog mixed signal semiconductors (NASDAQ Global Select Market Trading Code: ISIL), today announced the launch of a highly integrated digital DC/DC power module ---zl9101m, which is designed for load point (POL) power management of servers, communications, networks and storage devices

this new digital power module adheres to INTERSIL's power made simple concept and provides customers with a power module that can easily adapt to the requirements of various application systems. Zl9101m is an ideal alternative to power solutions below 12a, and can significantly reduce the number of discrete devices and complex external integrated circuits used to achieve a complete pol power management solution. In addition, zl9101m also adopts the package with the highest thermal efficiency, which significantly improves the reliability of the system

in order to achieve an easy-to-use and out of the box solution, system designers can use the default configuration of zl9101m. To provide additional design flexibility, the zl9101m simplifies the design of intelligent power management through its pmbus interface. The pmbus controlled by an external Zilker labs digital controller provides maximum design flexibility and supports easy real-time monitoring of voltage, current, temperature and other parameters. The zl9101m also includes an adaptive performance optimization algorithm to improve power conversion performance and efficiency over the entire load range

by integrating MOSFETs, power inductors and discrete devices, as well as Intersil Zilker labs digital DC/DC controllers, the zl9101m significantly reduces customer material requirements. For applications with current output greater than 12a, digital DC current sharing technology can be used to use multiple zl9101m in parallel. Designers can quickly configure a complete digital power supply solution with the powernavigator GUI interface. Through the powernavigator interface, designers can modify module parameters with the click of a mouse without actually modifying the circuit

the package with the highest thermal efficiency

zl9101m adopts QFN package with a footprint of 15 mm x15 mm, which improves the heat dissipation efficiency through the large heat dissipation pad at the bottom, and the exposed leads around it are used for visual welding inspection. The extremely low thermal resistivity of 11.5c/w at the top and 2.2c/w at the bottom of the package make its power density reach the best level in the industry of 61w/cm3 - more than three times that of the competitive solution

pricing and availability

zl9101m now accepts orders at $18.24 each, starting from 1000

inter and adopt te, which fully meets the mechanical standard of pipe inspection. PEX surface can significantly improve its stiffness. SIL's new digital power supply module can make customers do not need to have professional knowledge of power supply design, and greatly simplify the design process. The INTERSIL power management products declared by powe, one of the first batch of national standardization and industrialization integration system implementation units and the first batch of national green intelligent factory demonstration enterprise R made simple, are complete and reliable power management solutions. These devices are easy to use and reliable, and greatly shorten the time used to design products


INTERSIL is a leading manufacturer of high-performance analog and mixed signal semiconductor components. The company's products are targeted at many of the industry's fastest-growing markets, such as flat panel displays, mobile, notebook computers and other handheld systems. INTERSIL's product line has power management functions and analog signal processing functions. INTERSIL's products include IC for battery management, hot plug controller, linear regulator, power sequencer, Monitoring IC, bridge driver, PWM controller, switching dc/dc regulator, Zilker labs digital power IC and power MOSFET Driver, optical storage laser diode driver, DSL line driver, d2audio products, video and high-performance operational amplifier, high-speed data converter, interface IC, Analog switches and multiplexers have other software in operation in the computer system of operation control software, cross point switches, VoIP devices, and special ICs for military, aerospace and radiation resistant applications

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