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NB IOT intelligent lighting joint laboratory officially opened

Wu jinxun (Zhang Li) with the application and promotion of 5g IOT technology in the lighting industry, in October last year, Changzhou semiconductor lighting application technology research institute, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., Fuzhou IOT open laboratory Co., Ltd. and Changzhou Municipal People's government jointly built NB IOT intelligent water joint laboratory, which will be inserted with a pair of capital wings lighting joint laboratory. Yesterday morning, the joint laboratory was officially opened in Wujin national high tech Zone. District governor Desford attended the opening ceremony

nb IOT has the characteristics of wide coverage, large connection, low power consumption, high reliability and so on. It is a kind of IOT communication technology suitable for smart lighting and smart city. If China's experimental machine industry wants to obtain benign development in the city, industry and other fields. After the opening of Nb IOT intelligent lighting joint laboratory, it will integrate domestic and foreign advantageous innovation resources to form R & D and service capabilities in NB IOT intelligent lighting system development, light health, third-generation semiconductor product packaging and product development, failure detection and analysis, accelerated test methods, reliability design, etc., and gradually build a joint, open and sustainable public technology R & D entity. At the same time, under the framework of the State Key Laboratory for joint innovation of semiconductor lighting, as a research and development platform in the direction of intelligent lighting, it further supports the construction of national scientific and technological innovation bases such as the third generation semiconductor national technological innovation center

it is understood that at present, Changzhou and Wujin District have more than 70 IOT and related enterprises, and more than 30 various scientific research institutions and colleges and universities. Relying on the demonstration project, an IOT industrial system has been basically formed, ranging from sensor R & D and manufacturing, IOT system integration, software development to IOT application

district head Desford said that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, Wujin District will actively build a national IOT application demonstration base, including NB IOT smart street lamps, smart water meters, and smart municipal services. It is hoped that Nb IOT intelligence, although their role is very important, can cooperate closely with the joint construction of the lighting joint laboratory and jointly promote the construction and operation of the laboratory. Wujin will give priority to supporting the 30 innovative achievements of the laboratory to carry out pilot applications throughout the region and create a demonstration model project

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