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Author: the experimental results and fracture degree of Leyou technology are also different. 6

2019/11/26 11:44:40

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Leyou intelligent circuit breaker integrates traditional circuit breaker, ammeter, leakage protection, surge protection, timer, overvoltage/undervoltage protection, and multi-function instrument distribution equipment, Let the safety of electricity further

the safety of electricity has always been a topic that people talk about. How to truly prevent electrical fire hazards? What is the market prospect of smart electricity? With the surge of smart city construction, more and more modern intelligent services are gradually derived, and "smart electricity" is like a rising star. The application led by smart electricity will become a new trend of safe electricity use

switch plays an important role in our home life, although it does not eliminate the above reasons. In the past, ordinary switches were used, which was inconvenient to use, but now with home intelligent circuit breakers, many people say it is more convenient to use

leniao intelligent circuit breaker integrates traditional circuit breakers, electricity meters, leakage protection, surge protection, timers, overvoltage/undervoltage protection, and multi-functional instrument power distribution equipment to further improve power safety. Today, let's talk about home intelligence 4. Even if the energy saving of the external wall insulation system meets the standard, what are the advantages of the circuit breaker compared with the traditional circuit breaker

1. The extension of human function, in short, allows us to see farther and touch farther; To be specific, people are upstairs, so you don't have to go downstairs and turn off the lights; If necessary, the elderly with inconvenient legs and feet can switch the lights through the scene switch; In fact, household intelligent circuit breakers have further liberated physical strength and made life simpler

2. Some situations are often encountered. For example, after going out, the mind suddenly thinks whether it has forgotten to turn off the light. It is very tangled but helpless. The emergence of household intelligent circuit breakers can be said to completely solve this concern, and it is completely possible to check the lighting status of homes, offices and other places anytime and anywhere, and switch them reasonably

3. Energy conservation is actually a result of the above two situations. In particular, household intelligent circuit breakers control the important electrical equipment - lighting. Under the condition of reasonable use, energy conservation can be done without deliberate effort. The longer these products are used, the more obvious the energy conservation is, of course, about saving money

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