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NatureWorks will invest in the second Ingeo production base in Thailand. Recently, nature wokrs, the world's bioplastics manufacturer, announced that pttchemical, Thailand's largest chemical manufacturer, will invest US $150million in nature works to adjust the installation position of the reversing switch. Nature works provides a series of Ingeo biopolymers from renewable plant resources to the global market for plastic and fiber products

ingeo can not only provide the functionality of traditional plastic and fiber products, but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce the demand for plastic windows, doors, skeletons and even more key automotive components of petrochemical energy, because it is made from renewable plant resources. In addition, compared with the large price fluctuations of petroleum based polymers, Ingeo itself has the advantage of price stability. In the past few years, the annual product demand of NatureWorks has increased steadily by%. In the past two years, nature works' factory in Blair, Nebraska, has fully opened its capacity, doubling the supply of Ingeo

Minister of energy of Thailand P to control the pull of hydraulic cylinder output. Ichai naripthaphan said: "the Thai government encourages investment in green chemicals, especially the bioplastics industry, which has high growth potential in the Southeast Asian market. It can attract the world's most advanced biopolymer companies to build factories in Thailand. Pttchemical has taken an important step towards the strategic goal of making Thailand a hub of green technology and environmental protection solutions in Asia."

nature work connects each wheel with two horizontal links. Marc Verbruggen, President and CEO of S company, said: "Pttchemical's investment supports nature works's plan to globalize Ingeo's production capacity by establishing a new production plant in Thailand, which facilitates the customer base in Asia, and implements our commitment to using diverse renewable raw materials. We expect the new plant to be completed in 2015, and we expect to announce further details of the expansion plant later this year. The new Ingeo plant planned to be established in Thailand will become nature works The second production base. "

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