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Paper packaging and environmental protection

"the last drop of water that human beings see will be their own tears. Please cherish every drop of water". Under the international situation of saving energy and preventing environmental pollution, pollution-free and pollution-free "green packaging" is quietly rising all over the world. 1、 The meaning of green packaging and LCA technology evaluation method, the so-called green packaging, has not yet seen a complete definition. I think it generally has four connotations, namely: the most economical materials, the least waste, and saving resources and energy; Easy to recycle and reuse; Waste combustion produces new energy without secondary pollution; The packaging materials shall be at least and decompose by themselves, without polluting the environment. Packaging and the environment complement each other. On the one hand, packaging needs to consume energy and resources in its production process, and the production of industrial waste and packaging waste will pollute the environment. We should also see that packaging protects commodities and reduces the damage of commodities in circulation, which is conducive to reducing environmental pollution. At present, in solving the relationship between packaging and the environment, we must not only consider how to deal with packaging waste, but also consider that all packaging products needed in people's activities are at the cost of consuming natural resources and energy, producing waste and affecting the earth's environment. Therefore, the goal of packaging is to conserve the maximum natural resources in a narrow range due to individual shortage, manufacturer operation, or high temperature weakness, so as to form the minimum amount of waste and the minimum environmental pollution. In the 1970s, environmental protection experts proposed LCA (life cycle assessment), namely "ecological cycle assessment method". At present, LCA technology is attracting international attention. This analytical method has been used to evaluate packaging materials in Japan, the United States, Germany and other countries. The selection of packaging materials from raw materials, material processing and manufacturing, and waste treatment or recycling are all directly related to the environment. Through LCA technology, these impacts can be quantitatively evaluated and corresponding improvement measures can be formulated. 2、 Paper packaging is the most promising green packaging. The four pillars of modern packaging are paper, plastic, metal and glass. Among these four kinds of packaging materials, paper products have the fastest growth, paper and plastic are the cheapest, and raw materials come from a wide range of sources. They are not as fragile as glass, nor as heavy as iron, so they are easy to carry. Therefore, paper and plastic packaging are widely used in daily life. The International Health Organization and domestic environmental protection experts believe that the use of plastic food bags will be gradually banned in domestic and foreign markets, and it is required to use environmentally friendly paper bags for packaging. In the future, non-toxic and harmless "all paper environmentally friendly bags" should be used for shopping. Paper products are easy to decay, which can not only recycle recycled paper or be used as plant fertilizer, but also reduce air pollution and purify the environment. At present, the inner packaging of food, medicine, glassware, instruments and meters, electromechanical light industry and other products in China is mostly plastic products. In order to seek new alternative materials, the Technology Development Department of the achievements Department of the Commission of science, technology and industry for national defense has developed waste paper recycling plastic imitation packaging material production technology and complete production lines. The waste paper imitation plastic packaging material produced by this technology has good air permeability, softness, toughness and strength. The product is non-toxic and pollution-free. The raw materials are rich in Fenghou MLM pull head seats, and the cost is low. It can be widely used in the internal packaging of various products. Therefore, compared with plastic, metal and glass packaging, paper packaging will become one of the most promising green packaging materials with LCA technology for quantitative evaluation. 3、 Paper packaging waste recycling and prevention of environmental pollution cartons, paper bags, paper barrels, pulp molded products have become an important part of the modern packaging industry. Paper packaging containers are widely used in transportation packaging and system packaging because of their light weight, easy processing, low cost, easy recycling and treatment of waste and other characteristics. At present, the output of paper and paperboard is increasing year by year, and packaging paper and paperboard account for more than 50% of the total output of paper and paperboard in China. The per capita consumption of paper has become an international measure of a country, which will make the materials of electronic products from single shell materials to an important symbol of economic development level and social civilization level. Every year, so much paper and paperboard are used for packaging, and at the same time, a large amount of paper packaging waste will be produced. How to use this waste, whether for the environment or for resource utilization, bhsi344 fell by 1, which has attracted more and more attention. It has the following significance for the recycling of paper packaging waste: (1) the recycling of paper packaging waste can reduce the consumption of natural fiber raw materials and solve the problem of shortage of packaging resources. At the same time, it can save a lot of packaging raw materials and energy. (2) The recycling of paper packaging waste has greatly reduced production costs and achieved greater social and economic benefits

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