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The application of paper packaging in non carbonated beverages and dairy products has experienced a period of rapid development, seizing most of the market share of glass and metal containers. However, at present, it has encountered strong competition from PET bottles, and the growth rate has gradually declined, but it is still worth enterprises' attention: 1. The growth rate of automobile production and sales, which has the largest weight in the total industrial output, is picking up; 2. The cumulative order volume of key associated enterprises in the machinery industry has rebounded, accounting for a decisive position, especially in the field of small capacity packaging. In the future beverage market, paper packaging will still be the focus of development, with balanced growth

major markets

in fact, pure paper packaging materials are difficult to use in beverages. Another advantage of SEBS foaming materials is the beverage paper packaging whose materials can be recycled, almost all of which refer to paper composites. Composite paper packaging is widely used in beverages, especially non carbonated beverages. Dairy products are the largest application field, and fruit juice, tea and Coffey are the most used varieties of composite paper packaging in beverages. At present, almost all major domestic milk, fruit juice and tea beverage manufacturers have paper packaging products on the market

in terms of specifications, paper packaging is good at small capacity. Because of the lack of straightness and strength of paper packaging, it is not enough to be a packaging with more than 2 liters

take fruit juice as an example, the packaging of about 300 ml is almost completely occupied by paper packaging, and it faces the severe challenge of pet in the 1-liter and 2-liter packaging market

in markets with more than 2 liters, paper packaging that directly contacts beverages does little. Its application is mainly in the form of bags in boxes, that is, packaging beverages, milk or alcohol in aluminum plastic composite bags with valves, and then loading them into boxes made of corrugated paper to form a combined package. At present, this kind of packaging has just entered the Chinese market and has not yet formed a great influence

typical paper packaging

typical composite paper packaging used in the beverage industry includes Tetra Pak and Kangmei box using ultra-high temperature sterilization technology, international paper industry that needs refrigeration or roof bags of four countries, etc

Tetra Pak launched composite paper packaging with ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization, which can be said to have triggered a beverage revolution at that time. The shelf life of beverages has been greatly extended, which is the prerequisite for enterprises to expand sales channels. On this basis, large enterprise groups with national sales as the goal can be extended

in terms of the composite structure accompanying the growth and expansion of exhibitors, Tetra Pak Kangmei box, which adopts ultra-high temperature sterilization process, has high requirements for packaging materials. It generally adopts a 7-layer composite structure of paper/plastic/aluminum foil and adhesive layer, so as to ensure that it can sterilize with the eyes when it is warm at high temperature, and strictly block the invasion of air and moisture. Beverages or dairy products sterilized by ultra-high temperature, also known as "sterile packaging", can be stored at room temperature, and the shelf life can reach more than one year

the beverage packaging with ultra-high temperature sterilization can be preserved at room temperature, which is very suitable for the current situation of incomplete cold chain in China. Therefore, it has developed very rapidly in China. However, the ultra-high temperature sterilization process not only brings convenience, but also affects the taste of the beverage, which will destroy or change the solid flavor of the beverage. Therefore, in recent years, the paper composite packaging represented by the roof bag of the international paper industry has sprung up

relatively speaking, the packaging structure of international paper industry is relatively simple. Because the processing technology does not need to withstand ultra-high temperature, it is generally a paper/plastic four layer structure, without aluminum foil layer, and the barrier property is not as high as seven layers. Products need to be refrigerated, and the shelf life is generally not more than 40 days. However, the taste of the drink is maintained better and the loss of nutrients is less. Especially with the continuous improvement of China's cold chain and sales environment, as well as the improvement of consumers' requirements for the taste of beverages, fresh-keeping paper packaged beverages have become popular in big cities. Although the proportion of paper packaged fresh-keeping beverages cannot be compared with that of ultra-high temperature sterilized beverages at present, compared with the international development and the recent development trend in China, fresh-keeping beverages will be the development focus of packaged beverages in China in the future

aseptic paper packaged beverages in small packages usually have a socket sealed with aluminum foil on the top of the cap; Ridge type has no device that can be intubated directly; The way of opening a corner and cutting an opening is usually used for 1-liter drinks. In recent years, there are new cartons with a plastic cover, which is sealed with aluminum-plastic composite film, which can be resealed

taking several typical paper packages of international paper companies as examples, we can analyze the similarities and differences of paper packaging

"qiaoxianwu" roof paper box

typical fresh-keeping paper packaging, which is characterized by:

1. It can retain the "real" taste of the product to the greatest extent, that is, "original taste"

2. Block the damage of harmful light to vitamins and other nutrients

3. After unsealing, the "fresh-keeping cover" on the package will really keep fresh, and the package can be placed horizontally in the refrigerator, which is easy to take and place

4. The new easy to open pull ring has unique characteristics

5. It is more convenient for storage and dumping

6. It can be used for eye-catching pattern design and full-color printing, as well as advertising design and various promotional activities

7. Convenient transportation, increased distribution and reduced inventory

8. The patented folding protection prevents moisture from penetrating and deforms the carton

9. It is applicable to all kinds of fat containing or fat-free milk, yogurt, soymilk, all kinds of fresh-keeping/long-term fruit juice drinks, as well as liquid foods such as soup, sweat pouring, cream, coffee, tea, edible oil, wine, milkshake, etc. it is also applicable to dry foods such as Cereals, rice noodles, dried fruits, apple slices, banana slices, potato chips, raisins, dehydrated vegetables, etc

"qiaoxianwu" roof paper package is equipped with a cover called fresh cap. The protruding words "fresh cap" on the cover, the prompt arrow in the direction of rotation, and the anti-skid pressure line around the cover are very convenient for consumers to open and close. Since 1991, when the international paper industry of the United States launched roof covering products, the United States has sold 250million boxes of products packaged with such covers. Today, 80% of all kinds of fruit sweat brands in the United States use covered packaging. The milk can retain more fresh taste by using this kind of packaging

sterile square brick carton

the drinks that are not easy to be preserved can be stored and distributed for many months without refrigeration, and their quality, taste and nutrition can still be preserved. Its characteristics are:

1. Excellent product protection, multi-layer structure engineering design provides an effective protective layer, and ensures the perfection of the structure and the quality of sealing

2. Eye catching pattern design and effective resins are divided into epoxy resin, phenolic resin, polyester resin, polyacrylic resin and other excellent photographic rotogravure printing or aniline printing technology to print imaginative and eye-catching product packaging

3. All exposed sides of the product packaging face the packaging edge and do not touch the product

4. Square brick packaging is easier to stack, saves packaging materials, and saves storage and shelf space

5. It is very suitable for fruit juice, milk, alcohol and other drinks

6. Easy to dump. Consumers only need to open the cap and tear the seal to use, without splashing water droplets and spillage, and no longer need scissors and other opening tools

7. When opening, fingers will not touch the drink to avoid pollution and be more hygienic

8. The flat cover makes shelf stacking very convenient

still occupy a stable market share

in the early stage of entering the Chinese market, composite paper packaging once shouted the slogan of environmental protection and publicized that the amount of paper packaging was environmental protection, which is not always the case. Composite paper packaging can neither be reused nor recycled. Compared with pet, glass and metal containers, it has no environmental protection advantages at all

in fact, paper packaging has the advantages of light weight, convenient transportation and easy recycling, which are the reasons for using paper packaging. Moreover, the aseptic packaging of ultra-high temperature sterilization can keep the beverage at room temperature for a long time, which is still a big advantage. Therefore, the sterile paper packaging represented by Tetra Pak will occupy the leading position of beverage paper packaging for a long time, but with the increasing living standards of Chinese people, the requirements for beverage taste will also be higher and higher. At present, the juice on the market in China is mainly made of concentrated sweat and 7 times water, and the proportion of fresh juice is still very low. In the future, with the increase of freshly squeezed fruit juice, there will be more and more fresh-keeping beverage packages that need to be refrigerated, and gradually occupy a major position in big cities. Moreover, in the future, the aseptic packaging will no longer be complete with ultra-high temperature sterilization process, and the aseptic filling process of aseptic cartons will have a large market

the main market of paper packaging will also focus on small packaging, and packaging with larger capacity will face more fierce competition from PET bottles. Cartons of more than 1 liter without plastic covers will be eliminated

dairy products, fruit juice, tea and coffee will still be the leading products, of which dairy products will account for more than 60%. Japan's paper packaged milk accounts for more than 80% of the whole paper packaging

bag in box beverage packaging will further depend on the development of relevant industries, such as the localization of production equipment and materials. At present, China has made some achievements in the localization of equipment. Filling equipment is also produced by domestic enterprises, but there is still a long way to go in the localization of paper. (from Chinese and foreign food)

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