The hottest paper mills collectively issued a noti

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Impact testing machine refers to the application of impact experimental force on the sample

large-scale paper mills collectively issue the notice of coated paper shutdown

affected by poor demand, the recent market price of coated paper has been weak and down/ton, and the quotation of large-scale paper mills has been reduced by about 200/ton. However, there is still room for negotiation for the actual order transaction, so that the profit space is increased, and the transaction focus is moved down. Downstream dealers and printers are not confident in the future market, and their enthusiasm for purchasing and stocking is not high. In order to avoid risks, they all actively reduce inventory, resulting in increased inventory pressure on the paper mill. At the beginning of this month, APP Jindong paper (Jiangsu), Shandong Chenming paper, Shandong Huatai Paper and Shandong Taiyang paper successively issued downtime and maintenance notices, as follows:

analysis, the collective issuance of downtime notices by leading enterprises this time is intended to curb the decline of coated paper prices again, promote the ordering situation of paper mills, and alleviate the pressure on inventory. Downstream operators have different attitudes towards this. Some dealers said that the paper mill's move will provide certain positive support on both the supply side and the news side, especially the development status of the third generation aluminum lithium alloy materials. If the price of coated paper is difficult to find the grid, it is expected to stop falling; Some dealers are still lack of confidence in the future market, saying that the demand is light, the paper mill's move does not stimulate the market enough, and the coated paper price is still possible to be reduced

in terms of upstream raw wood pulp, at the beginning of the week, the fluctuation of the spot market of imported wood pulp was limited, but the price fell narrowly. Among them, the price of imported broad-leaved pulp in Shandong continued to fall disorderly, with a decline space of 50/ton or slightly higher. The enthusiasm of downstream paper mills to purchase raw materials is low, and the pulp market transaction is slightly light. In the short term, the price is still under downward pressure

the price of upstream wood pulp is weak and downward, which has limited support for the cost of coated paper. At present, social demand is still in a weak situation, with insufficient positive support in the short term, and it is difficult to be optimistic in the later stage of demand. According to the analysis, we still need to pay attention to the specific implementation of the paper mill shutdown and the order situation in the short term. It is expected that the price of coated paper may still decline in the near future, but the decline may slow down

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