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The development of paper mold work package is the right time

· the promotion and use of paper mold work package has always been a relatively unified understanding in the academic circles of packaging and environmental protection, and there is no objection

most of the paper mold work packages use all kinds of waste paper as raw materials. Because it is a waste that can be reused and naturally degraded, and it is not deinked or bleached in the production process, there is little pollution. Therefore, the relevant academic circles have always been appreciative of its promotion and application. This has a good impact on the establishment of investor confidence and the approval of relevant departments

· packaging high-value goods with low-grade materials is the economic basis for paper mold work packages to obtain market recognition and better returns

paper mold bags generally use waste paper, cartons and old newspapers as raw materials, which are cheap in value and sufficient in supply. The packaging objects are often some high-end electronic products, mechanical parts, instruments, handicrafts, etc. Due to the high value of the fake and low-cost aluminum alloy cables that are now flooded in the market by the packaged goods themselves, the internal packaging costs that customers can accept are also relatively higher, so it is much less difficult for the paper mold work package to make profits than the paper mold tableware

· as the special equipment for paper mold work package, production process and mold manufacturing technology are becoming more and more mature, its products are more and more widely applicable

ten years ago, in China, paper mold bags were only used for the inner packaging of some electronic products with small volume and light weight. However, with the improvement of relevant technology, many household appliances, mechanical parts, instruments and even large refrigerators and air conditioners can also use it as inner packaging. In addition, there are also many paper mold work bags that can be used in crafts, agricultural and pharmaceutical packaging. Therefore, the market is getting bigger and bigger

· due to the improvement of technology and management level, the production cost of paper mold work package has been continuously reduced, and its market competitiveness has been enhanced

due to the use of waste paper as raw material, the cost of paper mold work package is not much different from that of its main competitors (foam packaging material and card paper folding as inner packaging). In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of equipment, the improvement of process level and the maturity of management, the output of single machine is increased, the product qualification rate is improved, the energy consumption and material consumption are reduced, and the labor consumption is reduced, which eventually leads to the reduction of cost. In recent years, the paper mold work package has gradually shown its advantages in price, greatly improving its competitiveness in the market

· the price of special equipment for paper mold package has been declining for several years, which has promoted the development of pulp molding industry

in recent years, due to the development and popularization of relevant technologies, the decline of production costs, and the increase of equipment manufacturers, market competition has formed, resulting in a large decline in the price of special equipment for paper mold work package. It's about 40% lower than five years ago. The threshold for entering the economy has been lowered, which has greatly encouraged investors' courage

· although the major of pulp molding has not been established in Colleges and universities in China so far, due to more than ten years of practice, China has self trained a large number of professionals. Although most of these professionals are not highly educated, they have been supporting and automatically realizing the technical burden of data display in this industry. This is also an important condition for the development of paper mold package

· the geometric shape of paper mold work package products is more complex, and the volume of products of the same style after stacking and packaging is also larger, so the long-distance transportation cost is higher; In addition, users are usually large and regular enterprises, and their pursuit of zero Victrex AE 250 composite materials of packaging materials is a good example. Inventory requires small batches of uninterrupted supply, so it is not suitable for long-distance transportation. In view of the above two reasons, the paper mold work package is not prone to cross regional vicious competition, and it also avoids enterprises in regions with low production costs from crowding out enterprises in regions with higher costs

· a few years ago, due to the recession of the international economy, some foreign manufacturers transferred some products originally produced locally to China in order to reduce production costs and facilitate exports. A large part of these products need environmental protection packaging, which increases the demand for paper mold work packages. Take Guangdong as an example. Although the international economy has been sluggish in recent years, the output of paper mold bags has been rising

· the recent rise in international crude oil prices has further promoted the use of paper mold packages

in recent years, due to various reasons, the world crude oil price has been rising, which has a negative impact on the global economy. However, it is more effective than policy preference to promote the application of paper mold package. What is the reason

in terms of product inner packaging, the main competitor of paper mold is foamed plastic. In the cost of this competitor, raw materials account for the vast majority, and this raw material is petrochemical products, and its price increases with the price of crude oil. Of course, the rise in the price of crude oil also has an impact on the production cost of paper mold packages, especially in factories that use fuel oil to dry products. But this effect is much smaller than that of foamed plastics. At present, paper mold bag has more advantages than foam plastic in cost. Driven by the fact that it can not only reduce costs, but also realize environmental protection packaging, many manufacturers that originally used foamed plastics have used paper mold work packages, and many paper support manufacturers are in short supply. Compared with the situation of paper tableware, we can see that the power of economic leverage sometimes works better than policy inclination

the above lists the nine reasons why the paper mold package can stand firm and continue to develop in the domestic market. These favorable factors will still promote the development of an extruder as a critical processing equipment for a long time. Even if the international crude oil price drops a little, the trend of using environmentally friendly packaging will not be reversed due to the continuous strengthening of global environmental awareness. Therefore, we believe that the current is a good time for the development of paper mold package

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