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Paper packaging and moon cake packaging

although it is still some time before the Mid Autumn Festival, moon cakes have appeared early in many large shopping malls in Beijing. Coincidentally, the packaging of moon cakes is exquisite, but the price is not high, generally around 100 yuan. In the past, it is difficult to see the common wooden boxes and even high-end gift boxes made of rattan, while paper packaging has become a staple. An expert revealed the mystery. The manufacturer's introduction of simple, practical, beautiful and environmentally friendly paper packaging is an overreaction to the excessive luxury packaging of moon cakes in recent years. On the one hand, the paper packaging has strong plasticity, which can meet the personalized needs of different consumers. On the other hand, users are welcome to use it. 2. According to the use of the machine and the service life of the oil, users call to consult business: Yuan Gong has also reduced production costs. This year, the moon cake "civilian" hold up the paper packaging

manufacturers: promote the development of hydrogen fuel cells with paper packaging; Cost reduction on June 1

according to relevant departments, one of the biggest features of this year's moon cakes is the sharp drop in prices on the premise of paying attention to quality. A considerable number of manufacturers have reduced the price of moon cakes by 30% this year compared with last year. This is mainly because in addition to maintaining a certain proportion of high-end moon cakes, manufacturers focus on ordinary consumers

it is learned that the price of daoxiangcun moon cakes is roughly 30-50 yuan/box, accounting for 30% of the total output; 50-90 yuan/box, accounting for 50%; 90-200 yuan/box, accounting for 20%. And half of the products of several other well-known brands in Beijing are priced at about 100 yuan

why are mooncakes cheap this year? Experts believe that, in addition to the manufacturer's positioning of the strategy of small profits and quick turnover and the decline in the price of some raw materials for the production of moon cakes, it is important to use paper packaging, which reduces the cost

this year, many manufacturers shouted the market positioning of "moon cakes are mainly eaten" according to the market demand, and Tianjin famous brand Tianjin paradise put forward the slogan of "don't play with shape, pay close attention to quality". Therefore, this year's moon cakes are mostly made of ordinary materials such as cartons and iron boxes. Brocade wrapping, gold-plated and wooden moon cake packaging are greatly reduced, which has made a great contribution to reducing the cost of moon cakes

a deputy general manager of a well-known brand company in Beijing introduced to the company that while further improving the quality of moon cakes, the company also improved the packaging of moon cakes. First, the company basically eliminated wooden and plastic boxes. This year, only 5% of the moon cakes are packed in iron boxes, and the rest are packed in cartons, that is, the plastic holders commonly used in the cake boxes are all replaced by paper holders. The reason for this is not only the good printing effect of cartons, but also the consideration of environmental protection

industry insiders believe that the price of iron boxes is generally higher than that of cartons, and in the case of low domestic iron printing technology, the use of imported ink will further increase the cost. In addition to considering environmental protection, the company uses paper packaging, which is more important to reduce production costs

Market: paper packaging "catches people"

Han Fei, Secretary General of Guangdong Packaging Association, attended a moon cake festival held in Guangzhou. He found that the paper moon cake packaging made a big splash. Paper packaged moon cakes not only resonate with most consumers in price, but also are more attractive in appearance

the outer box of paper packaged moon cakes adopts fine corrugated paper with good printing effect, light weight and environmental protection, and the inner box adopts white cardboard. On the one hand, paper packaged moon cakes are light in weight and convenient for customers to carry; On the other hand, paper packaging is more plastic than iron and wood packaging. Moon cake paper packaging with "skylight", antique, cartoon and singing is full of cultural interest and interest, and its convenience and artistry have conquered a considerable number of customers

in a shopping mall in Beijing, a fashionable female customer was asked, "do you buy moon cakes as gifts or for your family?"

"who gives moon cakes as gifts? Buying them home is just creating an atmosphere!" "Eating is a small aspect. What I value is that this kind of packaging is interesting and unique, and it looks good at home!" The female customer answered the question while looking at a fish shaped paper wrapped moon cake

it is found that although the packaging of moon cakes here is different, the materials are basically paper, and the outer packaging is generally not covered with film, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also has a good packaging effect. At a glance, various paper wrapped moon cakes form a beautiful scenery

future: paper packaging will play an important role

an expert said that people hate the excessive luxury packaging of moon cakes. The moon cake industry is following the "mass line" this year. But even so, the packaging cost remains high, and the product packaging cost of most manufacturers accounts for 1/3 or even higher of the sales price. In the future, manufacturers should work hard to reduce the packaging cost of moon cakes. Paper packaging will play an important role because of its environmental protection and low cost

in the past, due to the lack of mixing mechanism, the uneven gradient in all temperature fields was very large, and the annual sales of moon cakes was about 10billion yuan. In order to compete for the market, manufacturers not only constantly innovate in the taste and color of moon cakes, but also spend a huge amount of money on the outer packaging. Of the nearly 10 billion yuan sales, more than 2billion yuan is the moon cake packaging cost added to consumers

an insider made a "budget" for Guangdong and Shanghai alone

Guangdong and Shanghai can be called moon cake packaging bases. Shanghai mainly produces high-grade moon cake packaging, while Guangzhou mainly produces medium-grade moon cake packaging

the annual expenditure of moon cake manufacturers only on moon cake packaging accounts for 30% to 40% of the cost of moon cakes, or even more. Last year, the packaging and printing enterprises in Guangdong and Shanghai earned about one billion yuan of moon cake packaging fees. Among them, high-end moon cakes use expensive wood and other packaging materials. If paper replaces wood, the market of paper packaging can be imagined

in addition, the hygiene problem of "naked moon cakes" has been questioned by consumers. This year, major moon cake dealers such as Shanghai first food store made it clear that they would ban the sale of "naked moon cakes" in stores for the first time. This move received a positive response from all moon cake sellers in Shencheng. This year's Mid Autumn Festival in Shanghai will not see "naked" moon cakes. This undoubtedly provides a new market for the paper packaging of "civilian" moon cakes. Looking at the national market, if the "populization" of moon cakes can stand, the national paper packaging market will be very considerable

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