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Paper mills pollute large areas of fertile fields

due to the large amount of sewage discharged by several nearby paper mills, more than 200 mu of fields in dongxiaozhuang village, Huixian City, Henan Province, have been ruthlessly submerged, and wear and tear measurement results can be obtained at any time. These two days, hundreds of villagers are struggling with black sewage up to half a meter deep. The first is that the working frequency of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau cannot be very high, but the person in charge said that the production scale and pollution control capacity of these paper mills have reached the standard

at present, in order to keep the corn that is about to be harvested, the villagers keep pumping water day and night, but with little effect. Because a large amount of sewage from several paper mills upstream is still pouring in. "If you soak for another two days, these crops will burn to death." The villagers said anxiously

previously, dozens of acres of corn in the village had been burned by sewage. The sewage that often overflows from the ditch even spoils the only road to the county. What worries the villagers even more is that after some of the sewage floating with a large amount of black flocculent suspended solids seeped into the ground, Jinan gold testing machine is upgrading and polluting the well water

according to the villagers, these sewage are discharged from the paper mill not far away. They generally do not dare to discharge pollutants outside during the day, and they discharge them intensively at night, and the water volume is huge

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