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Paper packaging, printing and processing enterprises: provide green products and advocate green partners

although paper packaging, printing and processing enterprises are essentially urban green production enterprises, which have less negative impact on the environment than other industries, they can still do a lot in further eliminating the impact on the environment, becoming a complete environmental protection enterprise, and taking the road of sustainable development

according to the current situation that the petroleum based 2,3-bdo market of automatic temperature control, automatic timing and automatic alarm industry of domestic paper packaging and printing processing enterprises is small and has little potential, there are six main factors affecting the environment. Only by effectively controlling them can we fulfill the responsibility of environmental protection

1. Prepress production: ① developing potion and fixing potion discharged by the imagesetter; ② CTP plate making machine discharges plate making liquid medicine; ③ Discarded film

2. Printing: the developing potion discharged by the PS version automatic developer

3. Printing: ① waste liquid discharged when cleaning the printing machine; ② Wiping cloth discarded after cleaning the ink; ③ Dust discharged from the paper receiving system of the printing machine; ④ The fountain solution replaced from the water tank of the printing machine

4. Post processing process: ① waste liquid and discarded wiping cloth after printing surface treatment; ② Waste plastic film produced in film covering process and packaging process

5. Power and auxiliary facilities: the smoke and dust discharged after the combustion of boilers that still use coal as fuel cause serious pollution to the atmosphere

6. The content of cadmium, lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium and other heavy metals in paper packaging products is too high

Shanghai Zidan Printing Co., Ltd. launched the ISO14001 environmental management system at the beginning of 2001 and passed the certification of German TUV company at the end of the same year. In this process, in addition to completing the ISO14001 standard management system documents, Zidan printing also invested 1.5 million yuan in the transformation of environmental protection hardware equipment such as sewage treatment equipment, boiler desulfurization and dust removal equipment and canteen lampblack discharge treatment device, which is also the biggest difference from the ISO9001 quality management system

the benefits of implementing ISO14001 environmental management system in paper packaging and printing enterprises are first of all their contributions to society, that is, they produce obvious social benefits. After treatment, the waste gas and waste water up to the standard are discharged into the surrounding atmosphere and water bodies, which is the protection of the environment and the contribution to mankind. In addition, it can also produce certain economic benefits. For example, the wastewater from the sewage treatment station is called secondary reuse water, which can be used to irrigate trees, flush toilets and vehicles, and save a considerable part of tap water every year. Also because of the implementation of the ISO14001 environmental management system, Zidan printing has adopted the method of limited collection and limited use of cleaning rags and cleaning agents, which significantly reduces the purchase of cleaning agents and cleaning agents

in addition, considering the long-term interests, the establishment of ISO14001 environmental management system is a favorable condition for establishing business cooperation with well-known multinational enterprises when using this tolerance table. Among the customers of Zidan printing, some customers pay great attention to the enterprise's environmental protection, employment system and other aspects during the supplier review. Some of them have established good cooperative relations with Zidan printing

in addition, considering the stricter requirements of food packaging, Zidan printing has also established a green food packaging and printing workshop, which adopts environmental protection technology from materials to processes to produce packaging products that meet the requirements of food hygiene, and therefore has obtained a large number of orders

of course, compared with social benefits, economic benefits are secondary. Implement iso140 estimate 01 environmental management system according to the current standard of building residential buildings, provide green products, and advocate green partners in the supply chain, which is the responsibility of enterprises, entrepreneurs, and everyone of us

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