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Paper packaging accounts for half of the national packaging industry

the paper that looks the least hard can defeat glass, plastic and metal at one stroke and become the absolute main force of packaging materials in Shanghai. According to the Shanghai Packaging Technology Innovation Exhibition held on August 8, the total output value of Shanghai's packaging industry, which holds high the technology brand, reached 18.7 billion yuan last year, accounting for 8.5% of the country

it is reported that the development speed of Shanghai's packaging industry exceeds the national average, and it has technical advantages in corrugated paper and other strengths. Last year, the national packaging industry output value was 220 billion yuan, of which 13 million tons of paper packaging accounted for 56. For simplicity 5%, and the packaging of glass, plastic and metal materials are 4.52 million tons and 3.43 million tons respectively 2015nbsp; Rubber and plastic and innovative materials application seminar tons and 2.05 million tons. Expert 6 Leather tensile testing machine: Leather needs to test tensile strength, tear strength, etc. it is estimated that by 2005, the output value of the national packaging industry will reach 320billion yuan, including 20million tons of paper packaging, with an average annual growth rate of 9%. The position of Shanghai in the national packaging industry will be strengthened due to the advantages of technical talents

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