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Paper mills shut down one after another, and the A-share paper sector rose strongly.

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"do you want to stock up more Kennedy and the other three students of Michigan Institute of technology have established their own enterprise - superior fiber point toilet paper?" "I can't even afford paper now!" "This rise is comparable to the rise in pork prices last year." Recently, the rise in paper prices has become the focus of attention. Yesterday, the news that the paper mills have stopped production once again hit the hot search, and a number of domestic paper enterprises and traders recently sent a number of price increase letters one after another. All kinds of news show that household paper, cultural paper and packaging paper have all started the price rise mode

and maybe affected by the news, yesterday, the paper sector in the A-share market rose sharply, and several stocks such as Qingshan Paper hit the daily limit. Industry insiders pointed out that the paper industry leader has the ability to take the lead in raising prices + low-cost wood pulp reserves. It is expected that the gross sales gap is expected to further expand in the first half of this year, and the profitability is expected to continue to improve

there was applause in the paper sector

yesterday, topics related to the rise in paper prices appeared on the hot search list of a social platform, and there was no lack of concern in the heated discussion of friends. Under the topic of "paper mills have stopped production in succession", I saw that while some people ridiculed "now go to collect waste products and rush * recycled Carpets: have some f ⑴ 50 trucks adopted nylon resin ecolon produced by 100% post consumer recycled carpets for cylinder head production?" at the same time, a large number of friends worried that "they can't afford to buy paper now!"

it is reported that behind this hot search is the sudden announcement of shutdown and overhaul by many paper-making enterprises recently. Since the end of March, Shandong Sun Group, Shandong Huatai Paper and Chenming paper have announced similar news. For example, on April 27, Chenming paper decided to shut down the cultural paper machine for 10 days in the middle and early May

when the news of the paper mill's shutdown came, the capital market also shook significantly. Yesterday, the paper sector rose strongly and opened higher. Several stocks such as Qingshan Paper, meiliyun, Yibin Paper, Yiyi Co., Ltd. and Yueyang forest paper rose by the limit, and Chenming paper rose by more than 5%. It is worth noting that Qingshan Paper, Yibin Paper and Yueyang paper have increased their daily limit for two consecutive trading days

according to the dragon and tiger list, Castle Peak paper was listed because the closing price increase deviated from the value by 20% in two consecutive trading days. Qingshan Paper closed 2.73 per share yesterday, up 10.08%, with a turnover of 6% and a turnover of 373million

yesterday, the paper sector rose by 3.02% as a whole throughout the day, ranking third in the list of sector gains. According to the statistics of flush data, since the beginning of this year, the paper sector has reversed the downward trend and gone up all the way. As of yesterday's close, the sector index rose 318.358 points, or 20.45%, with a turnover of 408.21 billion

in fact, since this year, the hot Search about the rise in paper prices has not stopped. At the beginning of the year, household paper rose three times a month, and the rise was close to pork. Now, the prices of cultural paper and packaging paper have also begun to rise. According to the business news agency, since May, major domestic cultural paper enterprises and traders have issued a number of price increase letters, of which the price of cultural paper has generally increased by 200/ton, and the price of white cardboard has increased by 1000/ton

in the face of this wave of rising prices, many friends commented one after another: "store toilet paper quickly!" Zhangshenjin, Secretary General of the paper industry chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, said that the main reason for the price adjustment of paper enterprises was the global rise in the prices of pulp, logistics, energy and other products in the upstream of papermaking, which directly increased the production costs of enterprises

many securities companies are optimistic about the late trend of the paper sector

looking at the performance of paper enterprises, it is not difficult to see that the overall first quarter financial report is very bright

according to the statistics of flush ifnd, the net profit of 23 stocks in the paper sector in the first quarter of this year was all positive compared with that in the first quarter of last year. Chenming Paper's total revenue in the first quarter of this year was 4.12 billion, with a net profit attributable to the parent company of 976 million, an increase of 481.42% year-on-year; Bohui paper had a revenue of 1.446 billion and a net profit attributable to the parent company of 625 million, with a year-on-year increase of 337.24%; Both of them are outstanding in a number of paper enterprises

why did the major paper companies announce downtime for maintenance when the industry's profits grew so rapidly? In fact, it is a helpless move. Zhang Shenjin said that internationally, the reason for the shutdown was that some paper mills had to shut down due to the upside down of pulp and paper prices caused by the rise in the price of pulp raw materials

the rising tide of paper price. Because the accuracy and force measuring stability of the experimental machine are determined by the quality of the sensor, the paper mills have shut down one after another. Will the papermaking sector be affected later? A number of securities companies said they were optimistic about the paper sector. Great Wall Securities pointed out that as containerboard gradually entered the peak season, combined with the combined effect of the ban on waste, the limited import of finished paper, the ban on plastic and the demand growth brought by online consumption, it is expected that the price of containerboard will have greater room to improve, in which the scarcity of high-end varieties will be highlighted, such as Shanying international. In addition, after entering the off-season, the price of cultural paper fell back slightly, and the overall stability. The demand is expected to support the high price of paper throughout the year, and continue to be optimistic about the sun paper industry

Guojin Securities said that due to the impact of the rising price of wood pulp, the terminal competition in the household paper industry is expected to slow down. The leader has the ability to take the lead in raising prices + low-cost wood pulp reserves, and has issued price increase letters in March and April, with a price increase of more than 10%. It is expected that the gross sales gap is expected to further expand in the first half of this year, and the profitability is expected to continue to improve. Zhongshun jierou and Weida international, which are optimistic about the high-quality operation ability of e-commerce

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