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Recycling of renewable resources has a lot to do

protecting the environment is a basic national policy and an unshirkable duty. The renewable resources of Chenming Group are mainly wastewater, waste residue and waste steam. At present, the company has basically implemented effective control over the "three wastes". While generating huge social benefits, the economic benefits are also increasingly prominent

waste water renewable resources: reduce production costs and protect water resources

waste water renewable resources mainly refer to waste water discharged from the middle water and white water for papermaking

the treatment method adopted by the middle section water system is activated sludge method, which is used to treat the middle section wastewater of pulp and paper making. The system successfully passed the environmental protection acceptance organized by Shandong Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau on May 16, 1997. At present, the system can process 40000 cubic meters of middle stage wastewater per day, and the main pollution index of the discharged wastewater is COD content lower than 450mg/L, reaching the original national secondary discharge standard. In particular, organic fertilizers such as nitrogen and phosphorus were added to the water treatment in the middle section, and the discharged wastewater flowed to the ecological demonstration park in the north of Shouguang City, which played a good role in improving the soil quality of saline alkali land and promoting the growth of reeds and asparagus. Chenming Group's pollution control idea is identified as one of the four "ecological chains", namely, papermaking wastewater - urban sewage comprehensive treatment plant - Ecological Demonstration Park irrigation Reed - reed recycling pulping. At present, this lifetime chain has taken shape. In addition, using bacteria to decolorize the middle water, the effect is very ideal. After decolorization, the chromaticity is 16 times, COD reaches 100mg/l, SS is less than 50mg/l, which fully meets the standard of water for papermaking production, and provides a feasible basis for realizing the closed recycling of wastewater in the middle section

for the recovery of paper-making white water, Chenming Group has successively invested more than 1.3 million yuan to set up a perfect white water recovery facility. After drug separation, the white water is stratified. The substances that are difficult to separate from water drift to the surface of the air flotation tank, and are collected and discharged through the scum collection bucket. After treatment, the water cleanliness is greatly improved. At present, the daily treatment of white water is nearly 10000 cubic meters, all of which are used for pulping. In addition, the condensed water produced by the plate condenser in the evaporation section of the alkali recovery workshop is also a valuable resource. The temperature of this part of water is about 50 ℃, which can be collected and sent to the pulping workshop for use, which can save a lot of steam heating costs, said Liang Zixi, the mayor of zhennanzhuang town. In 2000, the value of steam saved was 5.3 million yuan based on the equivalent of standard coal. Evaporation condensate recovery is used to dissolve green liquor and wash causticized white mud. The temperature is about 80 ℃. In 2000, 2.3 million yuan was saved, which not only saves a lot of steam, but also saves water resources, and reduces the water load in the middle section

waste residue renewable resources: Inject Technology and turn waste into treasure

Chenming Group's waste residue renewable resources mainly include four kinds: middle water activated sludge, thermal power plant fly ash, alkali recovery white mud and material preparation dust removal

activated sludge is the waste residue produced by the cement hydraulic section in the middle section, and the sludge contains rich organic fertilizer components. Through cooperation with the Institute of ecology, Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, the company has carried out deep processing and development of activated sludge and developed a new type of microbial fertilizer. The ecological fertilizer has the characteristics of low cost and significant fertilizer effect. It is suitable for green agricultural production. It not only avoids secondary pollution, but also improves the soil, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone

the hand wheel switch is turned off when the machine is calibrated or combined; Fly ash is an appendage produced in the operation of Chenming thermal power plant, which is generally buried in pits. After the power plant was put into operation in 2001, 300t fly ash will be produced every day. The company organized technicians to actively tackle key problems, repeatedly debug, and use advanced technology to develop cut bricks. With the next adjustment of construction policies, cut bricks will have a wider application prospect

alkali recovery white mud is the residue produced in the production of sodium hydroxide in the caustic section of the alkali recovery workshop, and the main component is calcium carbonate. 1. Overview of the event: alkali recovered white mud is mostly used for landfilling waste pits and sometimes for repairing roads. In 2001, the company increased the treatment of white mud and successfully developed ecological fertilizer by using white mud and acid precipitation lignin

the main components of dust removal for material preparation are fine wheat straw and dust. At present, the annual dust removal capacity of the pulping workshop should be carefully selected. 4340 tons of testing machines should be sold to nearby farmers in the form of contracting, which can be used for the foundation of orchards and fields, as well as for planting agaric and cultivating bacterial species as a carrier

waste steam renewable resources: relying on advanced equipment, reduce the loss of steam resources to a minimum

about the recycling of waste steam renewable resources, Chenming Group has invested 700000 yuan to install three sets of waste heat recovery devices of cooking waste steam in the pulping workshop since 1988, using more advanced spray condensation devices for cooling, and recycling the waste steam of the cooking spray system for heating dirty hot water and clean hot water, The recycling rate is more than 70%, and the use effect is good

two problems that should be paid attention to in the recycling and utilization of renewable resources

first, we should vigorously promote the implementation of low-cost and free recycling programs, and ensure that the output of benefits is greater than the input of the recycling process. Second, in the process of deep processing and development of renewable resources, secondary pollution should be avoided

as a cause that will benefit the future, environmental protection is receiving increasing attention. With its strong heart and deep green complex, Chenming paper has achieved a win-win situation of economic and social benefits, and has embarked on a new environmental protection road suitable for China's paper industry. A green Chenming is increasingly clearly displayed in front of the world

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