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Recently, some citizens reported that some glass bottled cans sold on the market were made of old bottle caps with "high strength of secondary caps"

Ms. Zhao, a citizen, bought a can of Flammulina velutipes at the cangmai store. After opening it, she found that the inside of the can cap was printed with the "Lulu" beverage trademark, and the iron cap had been rusted. After a detailed inspection, it was found that this can had no trademark, manufacturer's address and other signs. It is understood that some tins of Flammulina velutipes, Pleurotus ostreatus, green beans, pickled cucumbers and other tins bought in small warehouses and sold in snack shops can be seen with colorful 1 How to judge whether the tension machine fixture is applicable: trademark pattern

the quality and technical supervision staff said that some enterprises recycle the discarded old bottle caps for reuse in order to reduce costs. This kind of "secondary capping" can cause food pollution. When consumers buy, they check the glass bottles upside down. The inner surface of the bottle cap is colored or has a packaging trademark in recent years, that is, the cans with old bottle caps "secondary capping"

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